Target Weekly Shopping Trip (Spent $1, Saved $26)

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I didn’t pick up much at Target this week, but I did save a bunch on what I bought.    I spent $1.06 and saved $25.92.    Both of the items I bought were on clearance, and I had coupons to go with each one.    Here are the match-ups:

Merona Slip-Ons $5.08 (70% off)
$5/1 Target printable coupon or $5/1 Mobile coupon
Final Price = $.08

Girls C9 Active Tee $2.98 (70% off)
$2/1 Target printable coupon
Final Price = $.98

I’d love to hear about any great deals you scored at Target this week!

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  1. awesome.. i did a great trip yesterday too and saved 23 bucks (spent only 1). thanks for all ur help 🙂

  2. At my targets they say you cannot use the target coupon on the clearance price is that true? Is that in the coupon policy?

    1. No, that is not in their policy. I have never had a problem using coupons on clearance items. You might want to give it another try.

  3. I’ve already purchased 6 pairs of shoes at 2 different stores. I spent 0.08 cents on three pairs, got 2 completely free, and spent 2.48 on one pair. Six pairs of shoes for less than $3; I can’t complain. Even the cashier was impressed. I’ve had no problem using the coupon on clearance merchandise at either of the two stores.

  4. Sadly, I keep hearing the same story about no Qs on clearance. I argue that it is not stated in the policy & have called CS while at register.
    I have heard others say it is it up to store mgrs to decide.

    Congrats on all your great deals!
    Would love to find those shirts for my DD. 😉

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