Target Weekly Clearance Update (Women’s Access. & Socks 70% off, Frames 30% off)

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Here are the clearance deals I spotted this week at the Issaquah Target location.

There are tons of clearance racks in the girls department. May of these items are currently marked down to 50% off.

I did find some tanks and skirts marked down to 70% off, these were only $1.80 each.

I found that quite a few of the women’s accessories have gone to 70% off, including bags, hats, scarves and quite a few compact umbrellas.

The decorated women’s socks are now 70% off. They also have several of the shorter versions as well. The long socks were $ .75 each and the no show socks were only $ .45 each.

I found that almost a whole row of women’s socks has newly been marked down to 30% off, so we should keep an eye on these to go down to 50% off and then 70% off.

There are tons of frames that have been newly marked down to 30% off. This will be another department we will want to keep an eye on, because these will also go down to 50% and 70% off.

New markdowns were also spotted in Home Decor. These items are currently 30% off.

Air Conditioners have gone down to 30% off.

All of the Real Simple pet supplies were 50% off.

Pools remained at 30% off, we should see them go 50% next week or the week after.

The mondo packs of TP finally went 30% off, these were prices at $13.98 for 36 double rolls (72 regular rolls).

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