Target Weekly Clearance Update (The Sunny San Diego Edition)

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Target San Diego

My husband had a business trip to San Diego, so I tagged along for fun! San Diego is one of my favorite cities. While my husband was in his boring business meetings I walked the Gaslamp district and made my way over to Target to check out the clearance deals. All the clearance deals that I am sharing today were found at the Sports Arena Target in San Diego. What a nice store!

First, I should remind you about the 2 Target printable home coupons, there are many clearance items to go with both of these coupons.

70 party

70 party 2

The party supplies were 70% off at the San Diego location I visited and there were quite a few items left. You could put together a nice party for super cheap with supplies at 70% off

70 giftables

I also noticed a nice amount of the giftables section was left at 70% off too. This section can be found next to the greeting cards. Some fun, funky and pretty things that would be great for gift giving. I am all about getting my Christmas shopping done early. Many of the items in this section would make great Christmas gifts.

70 albums

I found photo albums marked down to 70% off.

50 lamps

50 lamps 2

50 lamps 3

Wow! There were nearly 3 aisles of clearance lamps at this store! All of these were in different sections of the store. One was in the back where the school supplies were, one was on a wall facing the window coving endcaps and another was the regular lighting aisle. Most of these are 50% off and there are some really cute styles.

30 floor lamp

I also spotted a couple floor lamps, if I remember correctly these were only 30% off.

50 kitchen electrics

If I wasn’t flying home on a plane I totally would have bought one of those colorful Slow Cookers. So stinkin’ cute and they were 50% off! They were priced at $24.98 (reg $49.99). There was also a Delonghi Espress maker at 50% off.

50 bedding

There are lots of bedding sets priced at 50% off. Keep in mind the markdown day for these is Thursday, so if you are hoping to pick these up at 70% off that is the day you will want to check back.

50 sheets

There is a ton of bedding at 50% off. I also found sheet sets marked down to 50% off too.

50 kids decor

Lots of really cute kids bedroom decor is also 50% off.

50 accent table

50 task chair

All of the dorm room furniture was 50% off too. These tables were only $7.48.


50 frames 2

There are quite a few frames at 50% off too.

50 food

There was an end cap filled with food items at 50% off.50 crayola

Outdoor and other Crayola items are marked down to 50% off.    I am really seeing lots of 50% off markdowns this week!

30 school supplies

School supplies were 30% off.   The percentage of discount on school supplies will really vary by location according to when school started in your area.

30 lunch boxes

Lunch boxes were 30% off.   I even found some Goodbyn lunch boxes at 30% off.   I love those!

30 kitchen towels

Super cute kitchen towels at 30% off.

15 30 health beauty

Lots of health and beauty  clearance including Purell hand sanitizer, deodorant, soap and more.

50 goody nail polish

Lots of fun nail polish at 30-50% off and Goody accessories at 50% off.

Keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.   I’d love to hear what great deals you have been finding on clearance at your Target stores.

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  1. I want that Target! Checking out New Britain, CT this afternoon, but it’s a pretty busy one. I may have to swing by the other one that’s sort-of-on-the-way-home-ish too

  2. LMAO! I lived in San Diego for 10 years and heard lots of adjectives used to describe the Sports Arena (area), but certainly never anything close to “nice.” Perhaps my view was jaded because a dear friend sent me a Target GiftCard one year for Christmas, but it never reached me. When she typed in the card number (on her payment receipt for the card), the card was spent at… none other than the Sports Arena store! Definitely not the highlight of San Diego, that’s for sure. There are much nicer Targets almost anywhere else in the county (and country, for that matter!).

  3. I found mighty mugs (the ones that don’t tip over) marked down 50%, and Tervis tumblers marked down 15% (never see those marked down!) in Windsor, CT

  4. Anyone see the Step 2 wagons and some Radio Flyer and other trikes/bikes on 30% clearance? Wondering if anyone has any idea when 50/70 might happen..

    1. I bought the step 2 Wagon for two plus at 50% off last week at my Target in NC. I was checking the others in my area hoping I could get it for 70 % but they are all sold out around here.

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