Target Weekly Clearance Update (Swim, School and more)

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Here is your Target Weekly Clearance Update! I found these items at the Renton, WA Target location. Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location.


I spotted some fingernail polish at 70% off. I picked up that pretty light blue color for my daughter.


There was quite a few items misc items at 50% off in the health and beauty section. I also found sunblock at 50% off.


I found comforters marked down to 50% off. We often see these make it to 70% off. The markdown day for this department is Thursday.


This Crock-pot was 50% off and priced at $29.98.


These fun Marquee letters were 50% off. There were not a lot of letters left at my store, but you are in luck if you name is Yvette, Ursala or Ingrad.


There were some Swiffer starter kits at 50% off and priced at $5.98.


I found pools marked down to 50% off at my store, but several people have told me they found their pools marked down to 70% off.


These water shoes were 50% off.



I found a TON of life vest and Puddle Jumpers at 30% off. I highly recommend the Puddle Jumper if you have littles ones. They are awesome! I would gladly pay full price for these.


Swim goggles were also 30% off and there was a nice selection.



School supplies have finally hit 30% off at my store, but we start school later (September).



I found several organic brand marked down to 30% off.

We always enjoy seeing what clearance deals you find, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. Seriously, where are these incredible Targets that you all seem to shop at? Mine has been wiped out of all of these seasonal and non-seasonal items for weeks!

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