Target Weekly Clearance Update (Still lots at 70% off, new markdowns in women’s socks)

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Here are some of the clearance deals I found this week at Target. All of these photos were taken at the Issaquah, WA location. Keep in mind that clearance prices and selection will vary by location. There are always good dealt to be found, it’s kind of like a treasure hunt.

Sometimes clearance items will be found in random locations that you wouldn’t think they would normally be in, so if you have the time I suggest browsing the whole store. The 2 items above were found in the very back corner of the store. Both of these items were 70% off and not found in their respective departments.

  • Summer  Highlands convertible 4-in-1 Crib   $70% off
  • Indoor Combo Game   70% off

I found hair dryers marked down to 70% off. My hair dryer is still working, but I picked one of these up for when it stops. Hair dryers never seem to last very long at my house.

Kids bedding items finally went down to 70% off.

There are SO MANY clothing items in the baby/toddler section that are on clearance. More time than not, the signs don’t match the discount. All of the above items are 70% off, but they were hanging on rack that said 30% off. If you have little ones, you will want to check this department out. Buy items for them to grow into, buy next years coat, you will save money in the long run by purchasing 70% off items now instead of paying full price when you need them.

There are a whole bunch of women’s accessories on clearance to 70% off. Hats, purses, wallets, gloves, scarves, and belts.

Most stores I have visited recently have racks and racks of women’s clothing on clearance. I found several racks of clothing and one rack of coats all marked down to 70% off. Plus, there are still many racks of items marked down to 30% and 50% off.

Most of the kitchen items went to 50% off. I saw these large jars that I thought were super cool!

The bedding finally went down to 50% off.

Men’s addidas kits were 70% off.

The health and beauty department has several end caps filled with clearance items. This is a department worth checking out, a lot of times there will be coupons that match up with these items for even bigger savings.

I spotted almost a whole entire row of socks and tights marked down to 30% off. This was a new markdown, so you will want to keep an eye on this section, they were a TON of items on clearance.

Another new markdown is the Nate Berkus collection at 30% off.

Happy shopping! As usual, I would love to hear what you are finding on clearance at your store.

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  1. AWESOME finds!! Thanks for always sharing with us. I have been regularly shopping the toy/sport 70% off clearance. Have visited many stores for several weeks. When I went the other day I was laughing (not sure why I found it so amusing) that the items I found last week at 70% are either now only at 30% or are full price. Interesting.

  2. I found a Disney princess tent and tunnel for $6 and t-shirts for $3. 🙂 I love Target. They have the best clearance.

  3. I got one of the bedding sets at 70% off. They were $8.08. My daughter had her eye on them for a while. The box clearly says fitted sheet and pillow case, but I did not pay attention. I thought that it contained the fitted sheet, reg. sheet and a pillowcase. I have never seen sets like this before with just the fitted bottom sheet and a pillowcase. I would not have purchased if I had realized. I can not believe that they were selling them for $29 originally! Just a heads up for other people. They really are very soft though.

  4. This is not Target but since the winter coats went 70% none of the 4 Targets that I went to had my daughter’s size for next year. Children’s Place also has their winter coats on clearance, and I was able to get my daughter a winter coat for next year for $9.99, regular price $49.99. Just a heads up for those that are looking for one.

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