Target Weekly Clearance Update (So Many Deals!!)

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There are so many clearance deals throughout Target, here are some photos of the deals I found at the Renton Landing location. Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location but this should give you a good idea of the type of deals you may find.

70 off home

70 off home 2

I found these home decor items were marked down to 70% off.

50 off home frames

50 off room decor

There is a nice selection of other home and room decor items, I also found the above items that were all marked down to 50% off.

glass candle

I found several different styles of glass candle holders marked down to 30% off.

50 off toys

The clearance toys have all been condensed down to 2 aisles and several end caps at my store. Most of the items are currently 50% off, there are a few that are still at 30% off. I will share a few of the specific toys I found below.

30 off toy leapfrog

This LeapFrog items is marked down to 30% off.

50 off toys lazer

I found some Lazer Tag sets that were 50% off, if you find these at 70% off I would grab them! We own several of these and they are a BIG hit at our house.

50 off thomas

Every year there seems to be some Thomas the Train items on clearance and I found the same to be true this year. This set was currently 50% off.

50 off dolls

Quite a few different dolls marked down to 50% off.

70 off imaginext

I have heard from a few of you that said you found some small Imaginext toys marked down to 70% off, and I found the same markdown at my store too.

50 off slippers

I found a ton of slippers marked down to 50% off, I am thinking there should still be a decent selection when they finally go to 70% off.

50 off baby geat

Baby equipment is still 50% off. There is a good chance these items will go down to 70% off this Monday or the next.

50 off camp stove

I found a great deal on a camp stove, this was marked down to 50% off.

30 off camp tent

Tents were still only down to 30% off. The markdown day for this department is Thursday, so if you are waiting for a drop in price that is the day you will want to check. I also noticed quiet a few pocket knives and flashlights also marked down to 30% off.

50 off pjs

Lots of women’s pajamas were marked down to 50% off. Honestly, there is a lot of clearance clothing in almost every department, so make sure to check them all out.

50 off scarves

Scarves were 50% off too.

30 off little green

My store had lots of the Bissel Little Green Steam machines marked down to 30% off, these were $69.98.

30 off flannel sheets

Flannel sheet sets were still only 30% off.

30 off sheets

I also spotted kids character sheet sets at 30% off

30 off luggage

I love this time of year to pick up luggage! These item are only currently 30% off, but there are usually always some pieces that make it to 70% off. You can see the luggage pieces I picked up last time they were marked down to 70% off.

30 off elf

e.l.f. cosmetic items are still 30% off. There seems to be a nice selection left, I am hoping these will make it to 70% off.

30 off food

My store had 2 end caps filled with groceries on clearance, so make sure you check out that department too.

I would love to hear what clearance deals you have picked up at Target recently.

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  1. Some things I noticed at my store…Pampers swaddlers size 5, holiday (blue snowflakes) Dawn dish soap and Softsoap, several different Burt’s Bees lip packs, GE lightbulbs 40w, wallets, purses and umbrellas, TONS of kids clothes and 3 whole aisles and several end caps of toys.

  2. Went to my store in Denver last night and there was barely any home decor left – maybe only 2 endcaps. The toy selection was OK, but looked pretty well picked through. I’m disappointed in the January clearance so far.

    1. I got the Bissell Little Green on Black Friday and we’ve already used it 7 times! I have 2 little boys, so a lot of things get spilled, dropped, or covered in mud. So far we’ve used it once on a couch and the other times on the floor. It works! Easy to use, easy to store, and no stains left.

  3. I love our Bissell. It’s easy to break out for small kid and pretty strains. It stores easily in the closet also

  4. I found Monster High Color Me Creepy down to from $44 to $11. I found the same deal at two Targets in the Marietta/Kennesaw area.

  5. Baby went 70% off at my store in North Alabama today! I was able to get a Graco Ready2Grow double stroller for $56!

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