Target Weekly Clearance Update (Patio, Garden & Grill now 30% off)

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Here is a peek at the items I found on clearance at my Issaquah, WA Target. Keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

baby food

Plum Organics baby food was 50% off. This is a super deal for this brand!


Several people have reported finding the large boxes of diapers marked down to 50% off. The diapers at my store were still only 30% off.

food 1

I am still finding some food items marked down to 50% off.


I found these Spiderman toys marked down to 50% off, so they were only $7.48. The best part is there is a coupon code inside of these so you can get a ticket to see Spiderman in movie theaters ($10 value). Look for specially marked packages.

kids art

Kids art is 50% off. I am thinking these should go to 70% off in a week or two.


Candleholders and vases were found at 50% off.


If found frames at 30-50% off.


Furniture is still 30-50% off.


These cool stools were 30% off.


Tons of banks for kids rooms were marked down to 30% off. I am not sure why, but these always seem to hang around at 30% off for the longest time.


Bright colored beach towels have recently been marked down to 30% off.

garden 4

The biggest news is all the garden, patio and grill items have been newly marked down to 30% off.    Tons of planters at 30% off.   When these make it to 70% off I always pick some up to plant up next year.


A whole row full up outdoor lighting is now 30% off.

garden 2

I also spotted some outdoor heaters on clearance for 30% off.

garden 3

I love the large plants stand, it would be perfect on my deck.    All of these type items have been marked down to 30% off.


Pation tables and folding chairs are 30% off.

patio 2

The nicer patio furniture has also been marked down.    We will eventually see these hit 50% off and if we are lucky there will still be some around when it goes 70% off.


Grill accessories are also part of the patio, garden clearance too.


Lastly, there seems to be a ton of Charmin on clearance, right now it is only 15% off.   It is VERY RARE for these to ever make it to 50% off, they usually sell out at 15% or 30% off before it makes it that far.

You know we all love to hear and see the Target clearance deals you have been finding.   Please share your deals any of the following ways:

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  1. After getting your email last night we went to Target in search of the patio heater. It was 50% off!! The pampers were 30%, but they had some Huggies at half. The grill accessories were only 30%, we will check back on those. We also saw some of the mini Planes toys were half off.

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