Target Weekly Clearance Update (Make-Up, Clothing, Video Games)

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December is a much slower month when it comes to clearance deals, but we will see TONS of items go on clearance in January, including many toys for the BIG 70% off toy clearance.   Here are the clearance deals I spotted at the store in Issaquah, WA today.

Keep in mind clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

It looks like Target is clearing out all of the Jemma Kidd make-up.   These were marked down to 50% off.

The entire line of Sally Hansen nail polish was on clearance, it wasn’t just a few color, but every single color.    There were currently priced at $4 something, which is still a little too steep in my book.

Crest White Strips pack with freebies was on clearance for 50% off.

These Febreze items were actually marked down more than 70% off.   They were priced at $1.34 and they or normally around $10.    There may even be some coupons for these!

I spotted video games at 50-70% off.

These gaming chairs are 30% off and priced at $41.98.

Clothing clearance in many departments ranging from 30-50% off.   We are mostly seeing new markdowns with lost of items at 30% off.

I’d love to hear if you found any great clearance deals at Target recently.




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  1. Ooh, can I ask a question? I’ve been keeping my eye on a few racks of 50% clothes, waiting for them to go to 70%. About a week passes and all those 50% off clothes (at least a few hundred items) are gone. Not a single piece remains. And all new clothing has replaced it at 30% off. Those 50% clothes sat on the rack for ~a month. I can’t imagine no one wanted them at 50% but they were completely sold out at 70%. It leads me to think that Target got rid of them. Like if it weren’t Target, I would have thought they were sold as a lot to a resaler like Marshalls/TJ Max/Filene’s. Does Target do that? Do you know what might have happened to those clothes?! Thank you!!!

  2. Robin-chances are they salvaged all that stuff. I always find a lot of target merchandise at my local thrift stores, like goodwill or salvation army. Hope that helps!

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