Target Weekly Clearance Update (Lots of Clothes & Video Games)

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Here are the items I found on clearance at my store in Kent, WA. Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location, but this should give you a good idea of items you may find at your store.

The Curiosity Shoppe items finally went to 70% off at my store.

I found quite a few video games marked down to 50% off. These games were for all systems, there is a nice variety.

I noticed some iPod and iPad docking systems marked down to 50% off.

In the toy department, I spotted some games at 50% off.

The Booster Seats (and custom covers) were finally marked down to 50% off, these seats were only $9.98.

There seems to be a ton of clothing clearance in every department. The women’s department has the most, with racks and rack of clearance clothing ranging from 30-70% off.

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  1. I found in Macedonia, Oh, Halloween 20 gallon totes with latches for $2.68 each so I got the 5 left to store my stuff I buy from Target. I find something at Target everytime I go which is every other day.

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