Target Weekly Clearance Update (Lots at 70% off again)

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Thursdays really are one of my favorite clearance days at Target, because they mark down some of my favorite departments, home decor, bedding, kitchen and more. Here are some of the great clearance deals I spotted this week (these photos were taken at Kent and Renton).

The artwork and wall decals were marked down to 70% off at my store.

Frames finally made it to 70% off. Lots of frames for only $3 or so.

Lamps and lampshades were also 70% off, but there were very few left.

Some of the clearance bedding went to 70% off. This set sold for only $13.48. That’s a steal!

The storage baskets went down to $3.88 (70% off).

The children’s room clearance valances were also 70% off.

This end cap with kitchen clearance says 30% off, but most of the items are 70% off, see below:

These bowls were 70% off, and priced at only $1.55.

These plates also at 70% off, priced at only $ .74 each.

Canisters also 70% off, you are starting to see a theme here, right? I have mentioned this before, but never trust the percentage off the sign says, you want to make sure to check those little red tags.

Bug spray is not nearly as exciting as kitchen and home decor, but it was also 70% off.

Hair accessories finally went 70% off, I was waiting for these to go down.

There is quite a bit of clearance in the party section. Most of the items are 30-50% off. Lots of fun prints to choose from, this is just a small sample of the clearance, make sure you walk down the aisle there really is clearance everywhere.

Invitations and cards were also 50% off.

Women’s socks at 70% off. These are perfect for fall.

They also have tons of short ankle socks that have just been marked down to 30% off. These would make great gifts for my daughter’s friends for Christmas. Hopefully, there will still be a great selection at 70% off. These are currently only $1.05. so still not that expensive.

Digital media players have been 50% off for awhile. I am thinking these may go 70% off on Monday (the usual electronics markdown day).

New camera models come out this time of year, so they are clearing out lots of current camera models right now. It’s a great time to buy a camera!

Lastly, I spotted some printers marked down to 30% off. It’s very rare to see these make it to 70% off, but I have seen one or two make it that low before.

Let’s hear what great clearance deals you have been finding!

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  1. Ion iPad piano apprentice for 20.98 ( normally 100.00) Disney Cars for iPad everywhere for 19.99 got it for 5.98 guitar amp app for iPad 35.00 got it for 5.98.

  2. Phone cases and coloring books were marked down in my store. I also grabbed a case of Up &Up “Kandoo” wipes for $3.16 (70% off) because they were ordered online and returned to the store that doesn’t stock them. Toilet paper (Charmin and something else) 20-roll packs were 30% off at $12.80.

  3. i also found a bike with training wheels 12″ for 20.98 it was also at 70% off and a Bed head dual waver for 70% off at 5.98

  4. Columbia MD still had backpacks and lunch boxes. I got an Olivia backpack and a ladybug lunch box for my daughter for next year. I paid less than $7 for both! And to make it better, the lunch box had coupons inside!

  5. I found wood frame storage cart with 4 fabric bins for $29.98 (70%), office chairs (red fabric) for $5.98, Sunbeam big mixer for $39.98, and some table lamps for $5.08 for the bedrooms. I love target.

  6. The furniture was down to 70% off today in Pasadena. Those white, I think it’s called “Hamilton” coffee tables and side tables. I might have gotten the desk if they had them.

  7. Michelle- It’s the 9 digit number on the item, close to the bar code, usually, but not always. It’s looks like 000-00-0000. Thanks!

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