Target Weekly Clearance Update (Lots of Clearance in Electronics & Frozen Food)

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Here is the weekly clearance update. Today I headed to the Federal Way, WA Target, and I thought the clearance finds were kind of…BORING!! They can’t all be amazing trips, right? Here is what I spotted. Make sure you leave a comment and let us know if you found any great deals.

Just a few random items at 70% off, cabinet hardware and duct tape. Woo! See, I told you it wasn’t very exciting.

There is still a ton of clearance in the electronics department. You will have to walk up and down each aisle to see it all, because it’s everywhere. I found several items at 50% off. Don’t forget, Monday is the markdown day for this department, so if you have your eye on something and you are waiting for it to go lower, check back then.

There were some new markdowns in toys. These all were found on the aisles and not on an endcap.

There are lots of markdowns happening in the frozen food department. I found clearance items in every aisle. Not huge markdowns on these yet, only 15% but they will go lower. We rarely see the frozen food go past 50% off, it usually get bought before it gets that low.

Amazingly enough the Easter clearance is still ringing up at 90% off and hasn’t been salvaged yet. (Notice there signs still say 70% off). I found some of the Dora Bouncy Balls in with the regular balls and they were ringing up at 90% off.

Let’s hear what you are finding, it has to be more exciting than what I saw today.

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  1. I hate my local Target! They never have things on clearance…I kept looking and looking but nothing!

  2. I was actually pretty stoked about the knobs I got for 70% off! Plan to use them to make some candy jars. 🙂

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