Target Weekly Clearance Update (Furniture & Electronics 70% off)

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Here is this week’s Target clearance update.   All of these deals were found at the Issaquah Target.   The big news is the furniture finally went 70% off.   Keep in mind that clearance prices and selection will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

The clearance furniture finally went to 70% off, this entertainment stand was priced at only $50.98.

This coffee table is only $35.95, regularly $119.99

Several bar stools were also priced at 70% off.   These were only $10.48.

Lots of small camera cases also 70% off.  Prices started at $2.98.

Cases for eReaders were also 70% off.

This Epson Wireless printer is now marked down to 50% off, and prices at $29.98.

The Ball Automatic Jam and Jelly maker was also half off and priced at $59.98.

It seems like most of the toys were now marked down to 50% off.   Be low, you will find a couple of examples of the deals you can find.

Fisher-Price Little People Batcave was only $11.48.

The Elefun Snackin Safari game was priced at $7.48.

Foam mattress toppers were 50% off and priced at $9.98

There still is lots of bedding priced at 30-50% off.

I spotted some really cute gift bags at 30% off.    Hope these make it to 70% off!

Lastly, I spotted quite a bit of storage items on clearance at 30% off.

I would love to hear what you have been finding on clearance at your Target!

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    1. The big 70% off Toy clearance usually is just in January and July so the next big one won’t be until after Christmas. A few toys will go on clearance before then or some returned items will pop back up, but there won’t be a mass amount like we’ve had earlier this year.

    2. They toys will be marked down on Thursdays (at most stores). Since they just recently went 50% off at my store I am guessing it will be in 2-3 weeks. It could be as early as next week though, it’s hard to say.

      I will be sure to post as soon as I hear they went 70% off.

    1. The toddler bedding should be marked down on Thursdays, so I would get there in the morning. I can’t really be sure if it will happen in a week, or two or three. I will be sure to post if I hear of it going 70% off.

  1. I got a pretty full size comforter set, a sheet set and a table lamp for my 4 yr old’s room all for 70% off.. hope she starts sleeping in her room now 🙂

  2. I found a full size and twin size comforter set and table lamp at 70% off. I also got skull candy head phone and 2 other head phones, angry bird ear buds, 2 other ear buds and a mp3 player all 70% off. I also got a pair of converse shoes for 70% off. There is a really nice bedding set I would like to get if it comes low enough. Do you know if they always do the eletronics in october? Also will the camaras keep going down?

    1. Yes, they will markdown the electronics again. If you are looking for a nicer camera ($150 and up), usually 30% off is the best it gets, because they get purchased before they can go down any lower.

  3. BTW I love this site everytime you post a clearance deal it is going on at my Target. Thank you so much for posting your finds.

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