Target Weekly Clearance Update (Frames, Art, Lamps & More 70% off)

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Here are the clearance deals I spotted at the Renton Landing location. You may not find the exact same deals at your store, but it gives you a good idea of the deals you may find. Happy shopping everyone!

clear fri art

I found many of the art pieces were finally marked down to 70% off, all of these were around $5.98.

clear fri clocks

I found clocks and lampshades at 70% off.

clear fri lamps

I was happy to spot the lamps were also marked down to 70% off. I picked up 2 for my daughters room we are re-doing. I think the majority of her room will be put together with 70% off finds from Target. Makes me happy!

clear fri frames close

There were quite a few cute frames that were also 70% off.

clear fri pillows 70

These pillows and sheet sets say 30% off, but most of them were actually 70% off. This is why it’s always a good idea to check the sticker and not go by the signs on the shelves.

clear fri digital frame

I also spotted several digital frames marked down to 70% off. These would make great gifts.

clear fri games

There were some Angry Birds games at 50% off. These might make nice Easter basket fillers.

clear fri window

There are TONS of window coverings marked down to 30% off. Keep an eye on these, you may want to pick these up at 50% off, sometimes when they get down to 70% off it is hard to find matches.

clear fri napkins

clear fri towels

There are quite a few kitchen linens that have recently been marked down, these are currently priced 30% off at my store.

clear fri tp

clear fri tide

clear fri beauty bulk

All of the bulk items in the back of the store have been marked down to 15% off. These rarely make it past 50% off, but there is a chance it could happen.

clear fri diapers

The clearance big box of diapers were down to 30% off.

You know I would love to hear about your Target clearance finds (so do the other readers too). You can share your clearance finds any of the following ways:

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  1. Teri–that’s a bummer!

    Flashlight friends from the As Seen on TV section are 50% off. Various office supplies including pens and post-it notes also 50% off.

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