Target Weekly Clearance Update (Easter, Bedding, Frozen Food & more)

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Here is the weekly clearance update for the week.   All of these items were spotted at the Kent, WA location.   Keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location, so there is no guarantee you will find the exact same deals at your store.

Clearance seems to be slowing down a little, so I didn’t find a ton, but I still found some things worthy of reporting.

easter 70

Easter clearance was 70% off. There have been several stores reporting clearance at 90% off. There is a very good chance that if your store hasn’t gone 90% off then it will probably happen on Saturday or Sunday.

easter 50

Easter food items were at 50% off. Many people have reported that stores that went to 90% off had the food stay at 50% off, so we many not actually see these go down to 70% off. We will have to wait and see.


I found some nice Fieldcrest Bedding sets marked down to 70% off.

bags 70

I found a collection of bags and backpacks marked down to 70% off.

canvas shoes

There is a nice selection of canvas shoes at 50% off, these were only $9.98.

kids games

I spotted several kids games at 50% off.

kids razor

These kids Razor scooters were also 50% off, priced at $19.98.


frozen 2

Lastly, make sure you check out the frozen food section there is a ton of stuff marked down as low as 50% off. Make sure you also check Cartwheel for additional discounts on these items.

Let’s hear what great deals you have been finding on clearance at Target.

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  1. Check the single package M&M’s by registers. I found dark choc mint ones on clearance .55cents stacked with the b1g1free manuf coupon. The b1g1 free rang up with the full $1.29 credit so all 3 bags were free plus small mm. Yippee!

  2. I, went Target today its already 90%! so yay for that…found eater basket for 90 cents, tablecloth 49 cents, chapstick plate 29 cents, sippy cup 39 cents, gum 50 cents, kitchen towels 49 cents, a mini hello kitty (toy department) 50 cents, a rattle for 44 cents, Dora tin with chocolates 1.99 and other stuff I cant remember lol my total was 10 bucks !!1

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