Target Weekly Clearance Update (Bath, Bedding & Baby)

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Once again it’s time for a peek at what clearance deals you may find at Target this week. Keep in mind that the markdowns will vary by location so you may not find the exact same thing. I found these deals at my Kent, WA Target location. You can check out the deals readers are finding too.


I’m still seeing a bunch of phone cases marked down to 70% off.  In fact, these cases were actually 80% off and priced at only $2.24.


I was thrilled to find a bunch of natural cleaners and hand soap marked down to 50% off.


Now would be a great time to stock up on lunch containers for next school year.   All of these were 50% off.   I am hoping there will still be a few around to make it to 70% off.


The kitchen department has some nice glassware items that were 50% off.


I found athletic shoes for women and girls marked down to 50% off.


There is a ton of clearance in the bath, bedding and home department.   We will see a lot of these items go to 50-70% off in July.  I can’t wait!  These make-up organizers and beach wraps were currently 50% off


Lots of door mats on clearance for 30-50% off right now.


I also found a nice selection of beach towels marked down to 50% off.


I love every single one of these shower curtains!   All of these were 50% off.



All of the fun navy/pink/gold nautical items have finally been marked down to 30% off.   I adore this line!


More home decor items at 30% off.


The bright and fun French Bull line has been marked down to 30% off.  That “smile” pillow is super cute.


A bunch of memory foam bath mats have recently been marked down to 30% off.


There really is a ton of clearance in the bedding department so they can make way for the new styles for fall.   Most of the items are currently 30% off.    I usually always buy my bedding at Target when it hits 70% off.   If you have your heart set on a certain set you may want to buy it at 30-50% off, but if you aren’t picky…wait for 70% off.


It looks like the baby department is making some nice markdowns.   I found travel systems, stroller and more marked down to 30% off.   These will probably hit 50-70% off sometime in July.


The storage pieces at my store are still only 15% off.    I have heard of a few people finding these items at 50% off already.   The markdown on these will really vary by location.     Happy clearance hunting!

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