Target Weekly Clearance Update (All 70% off)

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I am sharing the clearance deals I spotted at my Target. Once again, I am only sharing the items I found at 70% off, and there are LOTS of them. Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same markdowns at your store.

Most of these pictures were taken at the Issaquah location, the stools were taken at the Renton location.

70 targ bike

BIKES!!! Yes, I found bikes marked down to 70% off. Most of the bikes were mens and women’s bikes marked down to $110. I needed a bike so I bought one for myself.

70 targ bike racks

I also spotted bike racks at 70% off.


I was also thrilled to find tents marked down to 70% off. I have heard from quite a few people that have also found tents at 70% off today.

70 targ golf balls

I found lots of golf balls, golf gloves and hats marked down to 70% off.

70 targ croquet

There were also some outdoor games marked down to 70% off, including this croquet set.

70 targ gerber tool

I noticed a few pocket knifes and binoculars marked down to 70% off. It’s kind of rare to find these items at 70% off, they usually get purchased at 50% off.

70 targ backpack

There were backpacks marked down to 70% off. I have heard from several people that found Skip Hop backpacks, luggage and lunch boxes at 70% off too. There were only 50% off at my store.

70 targ luggage

Luggage went to 70% off today, but I didn’t find any large pieces, just a few garment bags and duffel bags.

70 targ tables

These sports tables were also 70% off today.

70 targ gifts

I know many of you have been waiting for these gift sets to go 70% off and the finally did. I hope you find the same at your store!

70 targ furniture

I bought this accent table for 70% off. Happy dance!! It was only $26.98.

70 targ stools

These 2-packs of stools were also 70% off. Only $28.48 for 2 really cool stools. Sadly, they don’t really fit with my kitchen, but they are cool!

70 targ silverware

I found quite a few boxes of silverware marked down to 70% off.

70 targ juicer

Juicers were…you guessed it, 70% off.

70 targ slipper shoes

Lots and lots of slippers and shoes were marked down.

70 targ barbie

I found a Barbie all by herself and she was also 70% off.

I would love to hear what you have been finding on clearance, there are so many great clearance deals right now. You have several ways you can share your deals, please do any of the following:

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  1. WOW! You found some great items. I would have bought a bike too, but didn’t think to look at them. I was hoping some of the toys would go down to 70% since its been a couple of weeks. Went to scope it out on Wednesday night and there were three whole sections full of clearance toys. I was SO disappointed when I got there this morning at 8:05, they were gone. POOF! I’ve never seen that happen at my store before. Bummer.

    Anyhow, I bought the lawn games including a bean bag toss game, lawn darts, and a travel washer toss game that I may return…..

    What I really want to know is what day of the week you guys think my store will drop the price on the bissel little green machines. Do you know?


  2. Kids scooters were 10.48. No bikes but accessories were all 70 % off. Kids and adults inline skates were 70% off.

    1. Thank you for leaving this comment about the kids scooters, I went today and got really lucky… found a girls one for for 7.78, jackpot!!! thank you.

  3. Oh man now I regret not going to Target today…. Have been looking for a scooter for my kids…. Oh I wonder if any of this will still be there tomorrow, fingers crossed!

  4. Last week I score two boxes of Oneida flatware 70% off, it was $11 and change a box. I was so excited to get that deal. I’m going tomorrow to see if I can get a bike rack for my car. Thanks for the pictures and information, this website is addicting!

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