Target Weekly Clearance Update (AKA – Get Yourself to Target!!!)

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Here are the clearance deals I spotted at the Kent, WA Target today, there were lots of them!! I found so many departments marked down to 70% off today. Good ones like kitchen, home decor, frames and more. I can’t guarantee the same markdown will have taken place at your store, but I will say I have heard from several people that did find the same kitchen and home markdowns at their store. So, hurry on over to Target and let me know what you get!!

70 kitchen shelf

The majority of the kitchen clearance items were marked down to 70% off, even though the sign only says 30%. You can’t believe those signs!!

70 glasses mugs

Boxes of wine glasses and coffee mugs were 70% off. If I remember correctly, the wine glasses were $5.98 (reg $19.99).

70 dishes

I found boxes of dishes at 70% off. Prices ranged from $17-$20.

70 kitchen

70 kitchen 2

All of these items were 70% off. How come you haven’t left for Target yet?

70 50 kitchen appliance

Kitchen appliances were 50-70% off.   The Aroma 3-in-1 Grill was $11.98 (reg $39.99) and the yogurt maker was $8.98 (reg $29.99).    The George Foreman, Mr. Coffee and other items were 50% off.

70 ton frames

Check out this nice selection of frames at 70% off. Score!!

70 frames art

Larger frames and artwork were also 70% off, even though the sign again only says 30% off. Super cute stuff for little kids rooms.

70 clock frame

Here is a close-up of a clock and frame there were 70% off.

70 home

More home items like lampshades, clocks and more that said 30% off, but were really 70% off.

70 lamps 1

I found a whole lotta lamps at 70% off. Seriously, get your car keys and head to Target. Now!!

70 dining chairs

These dining chair were also 70% off, I believe they were around $24.

70 sleepwear

An entire rack full of women’s sleepwear was down to 70% off.

50 workout

Women’s workout wear 50% off.

50 70 lunchbox

The Embark lunch boxes were 50-70% off.

30 lunch box character

However, the character lunch boxes were still only 30% off.


Some nice food clearance too. There are coupons that match up with many of these items.

If you head to Target to check out the clearance and score some deals, I would love to see what you find. Send a photo to [email protected] and I will share some of them on Saturday (If you have a blog of your own, send along the link and I will link to you blog too). You can also share on the All Things Target Facebook page.

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  1. I am dying! You found so much great stuff that I would love to see if my Target has, but I have in-laws coming over in fifteen minutes… this is going to be a long night!

  2. Omg I scored some lamps we’ve been wanting marked down from 29.99 to 8.98! I bought 4 😉 man, I knew I should have gone to target today!

  3. Oh man, this is the worst post to read after trying to make a commitment to buy less stuff! Gaaaah! I want to go so bad now! (and I was just there yesterday!!)

  4. Most of our character lunch boxes were down 70% as well – the ITSO boxes at 50% excited me, though. Can’t wait for those to go down to $2.50!

  5. LOL! I can’t leave work just yet! *counting down the minutes till i can get to my beloved target clearance*

  6. I have been stalking those dishes for months….they aren’t even on SALE at my Target in Florida 🙁 Where are you located??

  7. I’ve been waiting for fans to go more on clearance. I think they’re currently 30% off. Anybody know if they went 50-70% off?

  8. I want to move where you live …. and I don’t even need any of these things… 😉 but the prices are soooo fantastic I want them all… specially the yogurt maker…. so trying to buy less stuff… not working… not working at all….. 🙂

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