Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Some Toys, Decor & more)

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Here is your weekly clearance update, all of these items were found at the Sunrise Puyallup, WA Target location.  Keep in mind clearance will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same markdowns at your store.


This week we are sharing several photos of toys on clearance, this will give you a general idea of what you might find when the big 70% off toy clearance happens (probably next week on 7/31).  I did notice there were several clearance toys mixed in with other toys at regular price in every aisle.  So be sure to have a look around.


I was pleasantly surprised to find a few toys at 70% off.   These Angy Birds Star Wars Jenga and Angry Birds Go items were both  70% off.



Hex Bug Warriors Battling Robots toys were 70% off.


Beywarriors BeyRaiderz toys were also 70% off.


Studiogirl make-your-own paper mache and make-your-own art collage were 70% off.


Wee Baby and Groovy girls accessories were 70% off


I found tons of Hot Wheels marked down to 50% off.


Disney Planes race track and Disney Cars stunt show were  50% off.


Awesome MegaBloks Skylanders Giants set was 50% off


There was a full row of Sofia the First toys at 50% off, magic talking castle, dolls, play sets & lots more.    We should see many of these make it to 70% off, most stores I visit have a lot of Sofia The First toys.


Disney Fairies and Thomas & Friends were down to 50% off.  I am totally hope to SCORE the Disney Fairies set at 70% off!


Several Spider-man action figures, Angry Birds and other action toys were are 50% off.


I spotted a huge variety of Play-doh at 50% off.    Play-Doh is a classic toy, these are great to pick up when they hit 70% off.


Several LeapFrog items were also 50% off.


VTech Learning laptop, plus, VTech MobiGo games are 50% off.


I found most of the Nerf toys were marked down to 50% off.     I’m going to be kind of excited if I score Nerf item at 70% off.



Kids art kits and a few Melissa & Doug items were 50% off.    Melissa & Doug is another great brand that I would love to find at 70% off.    I wouldn’t hesitate picking up this brand at 50% off.    Great stuff!


Monster High, Dorothy & To To dolls are 50% off.     I was surprised to find that there wasn’t a lot of Barbie toys on clearance at my store.


These really cool VTech Roll & Learn activity suitcase and Bright Stars Cluck & Learn Barn toys were 30% off.


My store had a full row of puzzles for 30% off.    I find puzzles make a fun activity for those yucky rainy days.


Really cool Skylanders pillow and blanket was marked down to 70% off.



There were a few décor items for 70% off, which included, frames, jewelry boxes, trays and Threshold pillows.


In the beauty department I spotted a few fragrances like Faith Hill marked down to 70% off.


Sonia Kashuk cosmetic bags were 50%.  I really like the bright colors.


I came across a nice selection of Sally Hansen nail polish for 50% off.


I found an end cap full of baskets with hair accessories, nail polish, lip stick & more for 30-50% off.


I love this Book Buggee, it was 50% off.    Super cute for a kids room.


Super cute Munchkin lunch box were 30% off, and travel pal frog no mess totes were 50% off


Spritz party décor was now down to 50% off.  Bags, tape dispenser, tissue paper and more.



My store had 3 full racks of toddler clothes 50% off, there were a few at 30% off in the mix.



Boys shorts and shirts are now down to 50% off. Shawn White, Cherokee & more.


There was a big selection of Nutrisystem for men and women at 50% off.



There was wall full of summer flip flops and slip on shoes all at 50% off.    Many have been finding shoes at 70% off, so make sure to cheek out this department when you head to Target.


Women’s big tote bags were all 50% off.


Bright colored umbrella’s are now 50% off.


Cute kids place mats were 50% off.


These really cool dishes, bowls and cups were marked down to 30% off.


Lastly, I found an end cap of painter’s tape and cans of primer at 30% off.    Which have been 30% off FOREVER!!!

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. I found the Disney Fairies this morning at 70% off. But then 2 other packages that were there still had the 50% off sticker. But mine rang up correctly at $11.98 for the 4 pack of Disney Fairies!

  2. Most clearance toys were 70% off in issaquah, including the fairies! I might end up returning one of them I bought. Also primer and tape was 70 off!

    1. I was there this morning, but didn’t see the fairies! Were there any left when you saw them? My daughter wants them so much!! 🙂

      1. Want me to sell you the extra?! I was going to return it today!! There were four packs from which I snagged two, so there were two left around 9 am when I was there yesterday!!

  3. The other day I found a pair of boys hiking boots at 85% off. I can’t remember ever seeing anything at target for 85% off. It was just that one pair.

  4. So random how some things are marked at different times and even from store to store. I am in NJ. New waves of markdowns today some 30% went to 50% and some 50 went to 70%.
    Got a FurReal Unicorn at 70% (they had many many of them)
    Disney princess games and to go games (Doc McStuffins, Tinkerbell 70%) Princess Bejeweled 70%, Sophia castle game 70%.
    Puzzles were mostly 70% of as well.
    Sophia first easel/vanity 70% (most Sophia toys have been 70% here for past week or so) They literally had 10+ of these at one store

    The disney fairy sets were 50% still here, keeping my eye out for those next week! Most of the palace pets toys were 50%.
    I looked mostly at the girl items can not report on boy toys too much.

  5. I visited the Boulder Target this afternoon and found a random assortment of toys at 30-70% off. My son discovered the Angry Bird Star Wars Jenga sets were 70% off, and I found an additional coupon on the front of the Jenga Tie Fighter game: $5 off one Angry Bird Star Wars set or $8 off two! I picked up the Tie Fighter game (marked down to $6.58) and the Jenga Hoth Battle game (marked down to $3.88) for only $2.46! Awesome price for me, and my son is thrilled!

  6. Here in Southern NC they are all still 30-50% off, I will go next Thursday to see what I can find.

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