Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off)

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I have found so many items marked down to 70% off at Target in the last week I thought I would just highlight those items today. If you don’t see some of these same items are your store at 70% off there is a good chance it will happen soon. Target really is trying to clear out the old so they can bring in the fun new spring merchandise.

These were spotted at the Issaquah and Factoria Target stores here in Washington.

70 c pjs

The women’s pajamas that came in at Christmastime were now 70% off.

70 c clothes

Wow!   There were rows and rows of 70% off clothing on clearance at the Issaquah Target locations.     I found 3 whole rows and 3 single racks all marked down to 70% off.

70 c boys

I even spotted some 70% off clearance in the boys section, which usually is lacking in the clearance department.

70 c pj boys

I found tons of PJs in the boys section also marked down to 70% off.    Lots of character PJs like Ninja Turtles, LEGO Chima and more.

70 c frames 2

70 c frames

I have found quite a few frames marked down to 70% off recently.

70 c home decor 2

The sign on the shelf says these item are 30% off, but once you check the little red price tags pretty much everything here was 70% off.

70 c home decor

Vases and candleholders were found marked down to 70% off.

70 c kitchen towels

Lots of kitchen towels were also marked down to 70% off.     Great time to stock up even if you don’t need any now, you can buy them while they are cheap so you won’t have to pay full price later.

70 c pillows

There were a couple shelves of decor pillows at 70% off.    Most of these were priced around $5.98.

70 c bath rugs towels

Bath towels at mats were also marked down to 70% off.      I was having so much fun finding so many 70% off items!

70 c elf (factoria)

Finally!   All of the e.lf. sets from Christmas were now 70% off.     These set was only $1.80.    These sets are very inexpensive to start with, so there are some super deals.

70 c slippers

I also found some slippers marked down to 70% off.    There really are a ton of slippers on clearance at almost every location I have been too.

Of course there are also the 70% off toy deals and 70% off baby equipment.     If your stores toys didn’t go 70% off last week, today may be a great time to check.

Let’s hear what great deals you have been finding at Target.

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  1. Any other day i would rush to the store to see but moving has made me realized I buy too much I dont need, even if its cheap!

  2. Man, I forgot to check for the elf sets. I did find a Skip Hop kid’s rolling suitcase at 70% off! And some nice toddler boy’s clothing items. No women’s pjs left, though. (Nashville)

  3. I found a fisher price rock and play (monkey) at 70% off in Kansas City! It was only $20! I saw a few with the regular priced merchandise at another store but did not scan it, so check your local store!!

  4. I found a Ninja Turtles Lego set 70% off today was $24.99 down to $7.48 as well as all the toys that were only 50% off last week are now 70% off as well. I found several boys bikes 50% off. In sporting goods I found Kids Trax 6V ride in Red Race Car $179.99 down to $53! I also found the white Aria Volkswagon ride $179.99 for $53! The Hello Kitty ride in was 70% off too but I can’t remember the prices! Score!!!! Maybe your store will have the same mark downs? I also found several PJ sets in womens and kids 70%off. Several little girls casual and dress up shoes were down to 70% off as well! I picked up a few for my god daughters Easter basket and birthday. Men’s cozy slippers 70% off. I love shopping Target in January!!!!

  5. I found Britney Spears perfume 70% off, good for nieces. And elf make – up 70% off, thanks f or the pics or I wouldn’t have known that. Gloves for the boys 70% off. Do you know when they mark down perfume, lotion etc?

  6. I got two fleece jackets in the Issaquah store. They were something like $8.48 each. Colors were an eggplant purple for one and an orangey red that I am calling “attention target team members red”. It was in women’s plus size and they fit perfectly if anyone needs plus size women’s stuff. They also had them in grey/black combo and a weirdly ugly purple/orangey combo. Got a mossy green cotton cardigan for inexpensive as well. I think it was $12 or $14. Cannot remember but it’s a nice quality one. Saw tons of great sales though. Shopping buddy got jeans for $8 something.

  7. I Wish I lived in Washington! The Las Vegas stores don’t have nearly the selection or prices of your stores. Wait, it’s probably good I don’t live there.

  8. Soooo jealous! I have a very high traffic Target, and our clearance lags behind the other area stores (which are too far away for me to visit very often). I’ve been eyeing home decor and clothing for several weeks now and they’re stuck at 30 or 50.

    1. I think only holiday merchandise goes 90%. Only the toys that are seasonal go 90%, like Easter basket little toys, I believe.

  9. I went to my Target today, got couple of things that I was wanting at 70%, then I noticed 4-5 employees started to take all the clearance toys out into the carts. I felt like a kid when someone takes their candy away 🙂 the lady at the register said that they were taking them to salvage. Whaaaat… They weren’t even 70% off yet. Darn it… Is this common???

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