Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Toys, Flannel Sheets and more)

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I am sure most of you already know that the clearance toys went 70% off today at most stores. Make sure you head over to the All Thing Target Facebook page there are so many people posting photos of their finds. It’s so much fun too see what people bought!

All of these clearance deals were spotted at the Bellevue (Factoria) Target location, I switched it up this week and visited a different location than I usually do.

The flannel sheets finally went 70% off. These were only 30% off last week,so they completely missed the 50% off markdown.

These Bed Head curling irons were marked down to only $8.98, they were 70%.

I spotted several candles and candle holders at 70% off

The fragrance gift sets were 70% off and the Burt’s Bees gift sets were 50% off.

There are so many shoes on clearance right now. Markdowns range from 30-70% off.

Lots of kids shoes on clearance too, these were 30-50% off

I found some of the tents marked down to 50% off.

The towels had been marked down to 50% off.

I found Glad trash bags and Glade fragrance items marked down to 50% off.

Let us know if you are finding other great clearance deals at your store in addition to all the 70% off toys.

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  1. Bummer for me I was there this morning looking at the sheets wanting to get some but they were still at 30% off when I scanned them. They must have gone marking them down after I left. Oh well getting toys was fun still! Thanks for all your posts!

  2. My store is only 30 to 50 on toys hoping next week it changes. But did you scan the Glad bags? I bought them today and they scanned at 4.14. 🙂

  3. When I got to the lynnwood, wa store today there were tons of team members loading up cars of probably more than 1,000 toys. I overheard another team member saying that a charity came in and bought every single toy on clearance and it came to like $21,000. It’s nice that a charity was able to get that but sucks for the normal person who just wanted to get one toy for their kid.

  4. I just went to target a couple of hours ago and got a Cinderella Princess bike retailed for 70 and got it for $23. It is for my daughters 4th birthday, super excited about it. Then I got a bunch of toys like sqeekies, polly pocket, games, doodle animals, mermaid toy, princess stuff. I am so happy!!

  5. Great finds and I am happy for you all. The target I go to one can hardly find all these stuff, I´ll have to look for another location with not too many interested customers….lol

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