Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Toaster Ovens, Sunblock, Curtains and more)

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Here are some of the items I found on clearance at my Issaquah, WA Target location. Keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find these exact same deals at your store.

The curtains finally went to 70% off. Many of you reported that these went 70% off at your store last week.

There were a bunch of Kool-Aid packets marked down to 70% off, these were only $ .24 for a 5-pack.

There were some healthy and beauty items that went down to 70% off:

Bull Frog sunblock (had $1/1 hang tag coupon on them – SCORE!)
Dial for Men Body Wash

I found some curling irons and hair straighteners down to 70% off.

The Soft Soap will the snowflakes are FINALLY down to 70% off. My store had TONS, these were marked down to $ .84.

I found 3 Black & Decker Toaster ovens marked down to only $11.98 (reg $39.99). Super deal if you are looking for one!

Lots of tights for women are down to 70% off.

The socks were down to 50% off. My store has a ton of the anklets at $ .75, and only a few of the knee highs which are $1.25 at 50% off.

I spotted a couple Steam & Press at 50% off. The heaters are still at 30% off.

Quite a few pens and pencils are 30-50% off. I picked up a cute set of pens to throw in my daughter’s Easter basket.

The party supplies are 30-50% off. There is a nice selection!

Some fun office supplies, Crayola products and invitations are 30% off. Monday should be the markdown day for these items and they have been 30% off for awhile, so maybe the markdown will happen next week.

I have seen a nice quantity of these Hamilton Beach electric griddles at most stores. These are currently 30% off.

Lastly, the diapers that were in the bulk section are 30% off. Issaquah has a whole bunch, if you are local you may want to check it out.

What clearance deals have you been finding lately?

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  1. man! can we just be friends so you can mail me personally or call me before you post the Issaquah deals?! I’m in Bellevue. 🙂 jk.. thanks for posting the great deals.. hope some are still around when I get there!

  2. I bought 2 curtain panels on clearance that I’ve had my eye on. Score! But now I NEED 2 more panels to fit my window but can’t find them at any of my local Targets. Any suggestions on how I can find them??

    1. Heather, get the DPCI numbers for the specific curtain panel you need and call Target. They can tell you which store “should” have them. To find their DPCI numbers either look on the clearance tag or your receipt. If the ones you purchased aren’t the size you need, the computer should find the ones near the first item if they put in the style of the curtain. They are usually only a few numbers off what you are wanting. To give you an example here is the DPCI numbers for a robe I purchased 075 08 9165. So to get a different size it might be 075 08 9166 or 075 08 9164 (up or down one number). On the receipt the numbers will all be together, on the tag I think they are separated that way. Their computer is not always accurate, so if there is only one, you might not find it. If there are 4, you’ll have a much better chance. If you call the Bellevue store and they say that Redmond has 4, I would call Redmond and ask if they have them. The employee will go to the aisle and check. Most of the time, they won’t put an item that is on clearance on hold, but every once in a while you’ll find someone that will. I hope this helps, I’ve found items on clearance that I needed that way. I would ask how much it is as well since they all clearance their items at different times. Depending how much you want them you could call more than one day since you never know if someone will decided they don’t fit their needs and return them. Good Luck!

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