Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Shoes, Soccer, Toys & More)

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Here are are the items I found on clearance at the Federal Way, WA Target. Keep in mind that clearance will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

clear sno cone

All of the snow cone machines that are in the kitchen department finally went to 70% off. These snow cone machines are different than the ones that were found in the summer clearance. These will not go any lower than 70% off. Now would be a great time to pick one up for next year.

clear sheos

There are tons of shoes on clearance, many of them are 70% off.

clear beach towels

The beach towels that were in with the summer section have now been marked down to 70% off at my store. These extra long beach towels are only $3.88 (reg $12.99)

clear golf

Federal Way still had quite a few of the golf sets that are 70% off. They are priced at only $7.48 (reg $24.99). This would make a great gift for a guy who likes to golf.

clear soccer ball

clear soccer shoes

I found several soccer balls and soccer cleats at 70% off. Soccer balls make great Christmas gifts and at around $4 it’s a bargain. I also like to pick up soccer cleats for next years season too.

clear toys 70

There are still a ton of the light pegs at 70% off.

clear toys 30 but 70

These signs say that most of these toys are 30% off, however I found that almost all of them were actually 70% off (a few were 50% off).

clear toys

Here is a close-up of a few of the toys I found at 70% off.

clear umbrellas

I found quite a few umbrellas marked down to 70% off.

clear pillows

Double packs of throw pillow were 70% off and only $5.08 for 2. There are quite a few vase fillers that are currently 50% off.

clear smith & hawken

Smith & Hawken items are 50% off. I am thinking we should see these go to 50% off in a week or two.

clear books 50

I found some children’s books marked down to 50% off. If you are looking for clearance books they can usually be found with the electronics items that are on clearance (phone cases, video games, etc).

I’d love to hear what you have been finding on clearance lately.

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  1. I did not see any of these on clearance but ran into belated toy clearance at Redmond, couple of the Legos sets Hobbit, prisoner transporter, SpongeBob and a monster set at 50%. Also a Leappad 1 gereration for 50%. I love Target.

  2. I found double packs of Gillette Fusion Proglide shave gel for $2.98, so I got each double pack for $.98 after $2/1 P&G q. I also found Tide Free and Gentle marked 50% off–$3.18. I didn’t have the TQ to stack, but I got (3) bottles and used the $3/3 P&G q. I got a free Lindt “Hello There…” candy bar for free with TQ $1/1 and manufacturer q for $1/1.

  3. No one must shop at your store. I never find all this stuff at the stores near me. I am disappointed.

  4. I got an Angry Birds Star Wars t-shirt (boys’ XL) for 70% off, down to about $2.69 from about $9. I think it was the only one there, but some other random boys’ stuff, including swimsuits, made it to 70% off. There are lots of boys’ and girls’ summer clothes currently at 50% off at my favorite of the local Targets, so I’m keeping my eye on the selection each time.

    I also found a few 4-lb. bags of Morena pure cane sugar marked down to $1.56 from $5.99. I only bought one, and left three for someone else to claim, but that’s cheaper than regular white sugar.

    I also found several different Mega Bloks World of Warcraft sets at 70% (great for three boys for holiday gifts), along with a large one, originally almost $70, marked down to about $20.

  5. My best Target score ever (back in the late winter): the highest-end Erector set, which was listed between $50 (but not available) and $200 online (including Amazon), was apparently returned to a store after an online purchase. For some reason, they had it marked down to *$10* with one of those “As-is” stickers even though it was clear it had never been opened. I think maybe they mistakenly left out a “0” or something. Even though I didn’t know how much they cost when I saw it, I knew right away that $10 was a steal!

  6. Found a Radio Flyer scoot 2 pedal for $14.98 ($49.99 reg price) and leapfrog tag books for $1.78. Several maybelline and revlon items also.

  7. I have the worst luck with clearance at my stores (Tempe/Chandler/Mesa) Arizona, with the exception of decor which is usually well stocked. I’ve also noticed huge differences between stores regarding sale items. One of the Chandler Targets never moved off the 30% shoe clearance (and I was scanning!). They just kept it at 30% until the stock was gone. That same store usually marks their decor items down a week earlier than the other stores. I’m amazed at the difference in individual Targets that are literally only a few miles apart. My best luck has actually been with online items that are returned. I have noticed that these are almost always 70% or more off. I have purchased the Leacho Mini Snoogle, the Fisher Price Rainforest Soother, a bottle warmer and cooler combo and the Melissa and Doug Bug Jar for all 70% off or more because they were returned online items, that do not sell at the stores. Now I recognize the “only item” return sticker and I will look at anything that has it- it’s usually worth it to store and save for the future!

  8. I want to live near your Targets 🙂 Some of the stuff you have on clearance, we never even received as full-price items 🙁

    And yes, Sydney! Last year I found a kid’s “indestructible” portable MP3 player (big, with a carrying handle) that retailed for $100 on sale for $10 b/c it was an online order and they couldn’t have it in the store. Love those scores!

  9. I went to target on my lunch hour yesterday and scored HUGE!! I got a Schwinn bike trailer for $46……regular price was $159. They had 2 more left. They had moved all remaining toy clearance into 2 aisles, but only had the 30% off sign posted. I knew better 🙂 I got tons of stuff for our school’s holiday toy drive at 70% off. $1.31 spiderman & lalaloopsy puzzels, $4.31 la da dee dolls, lots of fisher price toddler toys, where’s my water board games, lots more that I’m forgetting.

    I’ve been stalking all of my local Targets for the past 2-3 weeks. I find different stuff at all of them…..very random.

    My car is STUFFED! I literally cannot get 1 more bag in there.

  10. I found Duracell Ultra Power batteries on clearance in the electronics area. AAA 8-pk was $2.68 (70% off) and AA 16-pk was $6.88 (50% off).

  11. Missy–
    I am desperately loking for one of the bike trailers. What store did u score this at??? Also could I get the dpci number to check my local stores. Thanks a ton!!!!!!

  12. Thank you for the heads up on the snow cone makers. I’ve been keeping my eye on those. I went first thing this morning and they still had a great supply of them. They only had 3 of the separate favors left though. Those were priced at .88.

    I also went through the toy aisle (the clearance has now been condensed) and there were a bunch of toys (well stocked) that weren’t marked for clearance. I scanned all that were interesting to me and some were on clearance and some weren’t. I found the Lego Friends kits for $4.48! I was psyched! I picked up one for my daughter and one to give as a gift!

  13. Rachel, my Target is in Ft. Lauderdale on Federal Highway. I saw another bike trailer at the Target in Davie. I hope you find one.

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