Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Shoes, Clothing, Baby and more)

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Here is the weekly clearance update of items I found at both my Kent and Issaquah locations. Clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find the same thing at your store. Who knows, you may even find something better!

The big clearance news today is that many stores have marked down the clearance shoes to 70% off. If the same hasn’t happened at your store, it should happen next Thursday, they want to clear out all the winter shoes to bring in the pretty spring shoes and sandals.

As you can see by the photos there are a ton of shoes, boots and slippers on clearance, all of these were found at one store (Issaquah, WA).

Some of the baby items were marked down to 70% off this week.

Most of you have also noticed the baby equipment being marked down to 50% off this week. (Ignore the signs, they say 30%, but everything was marked 50% off).

There is also a lot of 70% off clothing in every department.

I found these Swiss Gear rain jackets in the sporting good section marked down to 70% off, they were $8.98.

Outdoor games were still 50% off. These should go 70% off next week.

Bike racks 50% off.

Luggage is currently 50% off, should go 70% off soon.

Sleds and snow items were marked down to 30% off. The markdowns on these type of items can vary greatly depending on the type of weather you have where you live.

Lots of bedding items are currently 30-50% off.

Kitchen items also 30-50% off. Is it just me, or do the items in the kitchen department seen to take forever to get marked down?

There is still some nice clearance in the health and beauty section. The bath gift sets went to 70% off at my store this week.

I’m finding lots of haircolor marked down to 50% off.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the grocery department. I am finding a nice variety of items ranging from 30-50% off.

Let’s hear it! What have you found on clearance this week at Target.

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  1. Had lots of fun shopping last night at my local Target. My store has a lot of the Mrs. Smith’s pumpkin pies for only $1+ . There is also a printable smartsource coupon for $1 off, making the pies like 25 cents or something. I am going back today to get more. They also had the holiday Pillsbury Funfetti cookie mixes for 98cents. I am looking for a coupon for those! Not a lot of clearance in the baby section, but lots of great deals in kids clothing!

  2. At mine Target in Vestal, NY today I went in for a baby present. Lots of clothes for infants and kids marked way down. I did see some strollers 50% off and a rack of random baby stuff 50% off. Toys were still at 70% off, but was picked over. The shoes were 70% off, lots of hats and winter gear in the clothes section marked way down also.

  3. I was wondering, do you now if Target will let you do this: buy an item on clearance and then if, when you return home, you find a coupon that would have been for that item, let you return with the receipt and the coupon and refund you the coupon price??? I’ve heard of other stores allowing this, but have never tried it and haven’t heard how Target is with this? Thanks! 🙂

    1. I am not 100% certain on their policy regarding this. I know that people have commented that they have left a coupon at home or the cashier forgot to deduct it and then later they go to customer service and have it taken care of. I don’t know if it would work for everyone though.

      1. I had a woman from customer service tell me that as long as it was within 24-48 hours they don’t really deny you. I’m sure it all depends on the exact person you get behind the counter. But playing the “I guess they accidentally gave it back to me with my receipt because it was wrapped in the receipt with my wallet” schpeal wouldn’t hurt and see what happens. Good Luck! 🙂

    2. I just did that today. I had two coupons I forgot to use a couple weeks ago. I brought them to customer service with my reciept and told them that I had forgotten them last time and they gave me the cash back, no problem at all.

  4. Mandy-I’m sure it’s a YMMV, but my target will let me bring in any coupons towards my purchases up to a week later. They will scan receipt, scan coups and give u the cash. HTH!

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