Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Pots & Pans, Food, Shoes & More)

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Here is the clearance update for this week. All of these deals were spotted at the Issaquah, WA Target. Clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

I found quite a few items at 70% off this week, I was very pleased!

70 food

I found several food items marked down to 70% off.

70 paula deen

Paula Deen cookware sets finally made it to 70% off. This set was $35.98 (reg $119.99). There were also individual pieces on clearance for 70% off too.

70 shoes

Tons of shoes marked down to 70% off. Most of the shoe department had signs that only said 30% off, but everything was really 50-70% off.

70 shoe close up

Here is a close-up of one of the shoes priced at $4.50 (reg $15.00)

70 undergarments

There was a big selection of undergarments priced at 70% off.

baby car seat

I was surprised to still see a car seat at 70% off, I thought they would have been all snatched up by now.

50 pampers

Boxes of Pampers marked down to 50% off. Mostly only size 6 at my store. These were $18.98.

50 sleep shirts

Quite a few nightshirts at 50% off.

50 socks

50 socks 2

50 tights

I found a rather large selection of socks, tights and more all at 50% off. Great time to stock up, especially when they hit 70% off!

50 scrapbook items

50 scrapbook

Nice selection of scrapbook/craft items on clearance, most were 50% off, but I did spot a few at 30% off.

50 glade

All of the summer scented room sprays and candles were 50% off.

50 women's denim

Women’s denim was 50% off. There are tons of racks of women’s clearance clothing right now.

30 cleaners

Lots o Method cleaners down to 30% off.

Lets hear about the great clearance deals you have been finding at Target recently!

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    1. I was going to type the same thing! Someone at Target had a sense of humor. 🙂

      By the way, there is currently a Target mobile coupon for $3/$15 women’s denim purchase. Pair that with the 70% off rack, and you’ve got yourself a fine deal.

  1. I have a possibly silly question… I found a dress that I love for $7.48 (regularly $24.99!) and I am hoping to buy 2 of them and then use my $3 off $15 coupon. BUT that would only come out to $14.96… Of course, lol. Is tax included or am I really going to be 4 cents short of using that coupon? 🙁

    1. I think you’ll be short because I doubt taxes count. If it’s the coupon for women’s apparel, see if you can add a clearance pair of socks/leggings with it (I think I saw some at my Target that were under $1). Check to make sure accessories aren’t excluded from the coupon or whether only certain brands are accepted for the coupon. Just do your best to get over but still close to $15.

  2. I figured if anyone might know, it might be you folks – A couple days ago, I
    was in a couple targets and I saw some clearance toys. Some were at
    50%, some were at 70%. Knowing Markdown day is Thursday, I didn’t buy
    any of the 50%s, waiting til today. I went back in and lo and behold,
    basically all the clearance stock is simply gone. I sincerely doubt it
    was all purchased in the last couple of days, does anyone know what happens
    to the clearance items that don’t sell?

      1. I agree. Targets donate a lot to Goodwill–mostly clothes and shoes that don’t sell well–so I think it’s likely they sell toys to Ross.

        1. We salvage them they go to our Goodwill here, others might go elsewhere. The store up the street from me salvaged theirs this week, but mine has a decent bunch still 70% – but we were a week later in the 70% markdown.

  3. My target never has any good clearance stuff on the baby section! I want that car seat so bad and not a single one has been marked down even slightly 🙁

  4. Just so you know, Target is going to take an addition 20% off women’s clearance clothing, shoes, and handbags this weekend in stores only! So hold off if you can!

  5. Just an FYI if you search reviews on the Paula Dean cookware you will see almost all the bad reviews were for the red set. People were complaining the red finish flakes off and thet the rubber coated handles start to fall apart. I grabbed the black set a week or so ago after reading about the red set. The black set cost a little more. It was $44.98.
    Also I went today to my Target for my medication and saw them salvaging out a HUGE amount of the clearance toys. However they had also marked down some new things too.

    1. The red kitchen aid ones do the same thing – bought mine on clearance last year 70% off $39 for a huge set – color has flaked on the most used ones. I know kitchen aid has lifetime guarantee but not sure about Paula’s.

  6. The Paula DeEn Pans Are No Good. I Have TheM. The Handles Get Really Hot And They Actually Warp. It Looks Like They Melted, Now The Lids Don’t Fit.

  7. I just went to my Target this Afternoon and spent $70.73 and saved $106.95 on womens clothes, some mens stuff, and food! I have it broken up on my blog, thanks for the heads up!

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