Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Party, Pet, Jewelry & Furniture)

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I headed to the Renton Target at The Landing to scope out the clearance deals this week, and this is what I found. Keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

Most of the clearance jewelry was marked down to 70% off.

The party supplies and gift items were also 70% off.

There was an entire endcap filled with pet items. The sign says 50% off, but on closer inspection I found that most of the items were marked down to 70% off.

The bags of dog food were 50% off, but almost everything else was 70% off.

It was kind of fun, because an guy was marking down the furniture while I was there. He marked all of these items down to 70% off.

  • White Accent Table $20.98 (reg $69.99)
  • Round Accent Table $23.98 (reg $79.99)
  • Desk $29.98 (reg $99.99)
  • Table with 2 drawers $38.98 (reg $129.99)

I am pretty sure most of these items were 50% off.

Here are all some of the chairs on clearance. I didn’t stick around to see how much they got marked down to, I didn’t want to seem like a stalker to the guy marking all the furniture down.

Lots of home decor pillows were 50% off.

There are some bedding pieces at 30-50% off. I even found a stray art piece at 70% off.

There was a full endcap of clearance food. Many of these items were organic too.

The new markdowns I noticed were in the outdoor/garden area. A large selection of pots were marked down to 30% off.

Quite a few of the outdoor lighting was also marked down to 30% off.

You know I want to hear what you have been finding on clearance, so let’s hear it!

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  1. Tonight I went to the Jantzen Beach Target in OR and found target brand (Up and Up I think) zip lock bags in all sizes on clearance for $2.11 for 40 gallon bags, 50 or 60 quart bags, and $4.40-ish for 250 sandwich size bags – cheaper than what I usually pay at the dollar store, so I bought a bunch – they still had tons more and also name brand Zip Lock bags as well as Target and name brand trash bags on clearance.

    I also found a few M&Ms bags with $1.50/2 Target coupons which I paired with the $1/2 manufacture coupon from last weekend for decently-priced candy. *What I consider decently-priced, since I don’t have a working printer and can’t take advantage of printable coupons!)

  2. Thanks , I have a party coming soon and needed bags for return gifts.I bought exactly the same bags u showed in the pic .The bags were marked 28 cents below the bag but the aisle was showing only 30./.. So pls check below the bag or scan to confirm prices.

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