Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Furniture, Pools, A/C & more)

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Here are the clearance deals I spotted at my Sunrise Puyallup, WA Target location.  I was thrilled to find so many items 70% off!  Keep in mind you may not find the exact same deals at your store, but this will give you an idea of some of the deals you may find.

target clear ac 70

Woot!  I found a great selection of window A/C units 70% off, the Haier 6K BTU was $62.98 (reg $209.99) and the Haier 5K BTU was priced at $41.98 (reg $139.99).  Perfect time to pick one up and save it for next summer.

target clear pool 70

These cute kiddie pools finally hit 70% off! They were only $7.48 a piece.

target clear speedo floats 70

I spotted some Speedo arm floats for kids down to 70%.  Life vests, aqua socks, googles and water toys were still 50%.

target clear outdoor table 70

This Room Essentials outdoor table was 70% off and was priced at $23.70 (reg $79.00).

target clear garden 70

Other miscellaneous outdoor items were 70% off, lights, watering cans, lawn care & more.

target clear desk 70

target clear bookcase 70

Big furniture items in the home department have been marked down to 70% off.  I found a desk priced at 44.98 (reg $149.99) and a bookcase for just $27.98 (reg $92.99).

target clear vac 50

WOW, Hoover Air Vacuums hit 50% off, my store had 8 of these left.  I was surprised they made it to 50% off, they usually get snatched up at 30% off.  These are cordless!!

target clear photo frame 50

I love these fun photo display frames, these were both 50% off.

target clear pillow 50

Bright colorful decorative pillows were 50% off.  Lots of different patterns to choose from.

target clear organizer 50

If you need help with some organizing, I found some cool items that will come in handy, including an over the door organizer, and a framed peg board you can hang jackets, backpacks, pictures & more.

target clear bedding 50

target clear blankets 50

I spotted a row full of comforters, blankets and sheets at 50% off even though the sign read 30% off.  These should probably hit 70% off sometime this month, remember their markdown day is Thursday.

target clear crayola 70

Lots of fun Crayola items for kids were 50% off including, Crayola Light Projector, Beadola Bead Maker, Melt’ n Mold Factory and a Light-Up Tracing pad.

target art kits clear 50

There was also some Disney activity books and cases, plus, a few Spirograph kits 50% off.

target clear jelly belly 50

Really cool Jelly Belly Snow Treat machines, bowls & spoon sets, and flavors were all 50% off.

target clear kitchen kettle 50

Other 50% off clearance items I found mixed in the with the regular priced items were a KitchenAid kettle and Hershey Ice Cream maker.  Just looking at the Hershey’s Ice Cream maker made my stomach growl!  YUM!!!

target clear kitchenaid mixer 30

I also found a KitchenAid mixer and a T-Fal deep fryer which have recently been marked down to 30% off.  I own both of these items and I LOVE them!!

target clear dishes 30

target clear dishes 1

Lastly there were a couple of rows of dishes, bowls and cups 30% off.

We always enjoy seeing what great clearance deals you score at Target.  Please continue sharing your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. I don’t care how cheap it is. The Hoover cordless is not worth it. I bought two of them, and both broke in less than 3 months. The lower brush motor burned out both times, and I was using as directed. Thank goodness for awesome Target return policies. They exchanged the first, and returned the 2nd.

  2. Thanks for the vacuum feedback. I was eyeing it. The kitchen aid was $124 at 50% off for me. Is it an extremely useful item? Or a space hog? I usually just stir doughs.

  3. Sarah, I find I use my KitchenAid mixer all the time and for more than just baking. At first I found myself putting my mixer back in my pantry after each use, but then I found it easier to keep it stored on my kitchen counter since I was using it more and more.

    1. Thanks. I’m thinking after 15 years of married life not having one, maybe I don’t need one. But then, hmm, what if I want to start a cake business!

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