Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off GPS, lots of clothing and more)

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I stopped by the Issaquah, WA Target today, and I found some great deals on clearance items. I will share what I bought shortly, but here is an idea of what you may find on clearance at your Target store. Remember, clearance prices and selection may vary by location.

I found a TOM TOM GPS system and 70% off!! The cashier said they had a ton when they marked them down on Monday, but they were only 2 were left today (I bought one of them).

I saw SkullCandy Extreme Sound headphones at 50% off.  These were $34.98 (reg $69.99). These would make great Christmas gifts for teenagers.   Those teenagers are so hard to buy for.   If my kids needed headphones, I would pick them up now while they are on clearance and save them for birthday or Christmas gifts.

I mentioned earlier in the week that the clearance furniture had gone to 70% off.   Most of the clearance furniture is probably gone by now, but I was able to find a nice shelf at 70% off.

If you are looking for baby equipment, I would keep an eye out for clearance at your store.   I saw several of the Eddie Bauer Stroller Travel systems marked down to 30% off. It is possible that these will get marked down to 50% off.   Monday is the markdown day for the baby department, so keep that in mind.

They also had two of the crib systems for 30% off too.

My store had an abundance of infant and toddler summer wear (shorts and shirts) that were currently at 30% off. I  f your store has the same amount as mine, you shouldn’t have any problem finding some when they go down to 50% off, or possibly even 70% off.

There are racks and racks of clearance clothing in the women’s department, the majority if the clothing is only 30-50% off, but I am guessing we should start seeing racks marked down to 70% off later in the month.

I would love to hear what you are finding on clearance at your Target store!

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