Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off candles, 50% off swim)

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Here are the clearance finds for this week. Today I shopped at the Kent, WA location. Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location.

70 candles

70 candles 2

I noticed that all the clearance candles and candle holders were now marked down to 70% off. These would make nice Christmas gifts if you know somebody who is a fan.

70 plasticware

The plasticware that was 50% off this week is now down to 70% off. My store didn’t have a hug selection left, but maybe you will have more at your store.

70 home decor

There were a few misc. home decor items down to 70% off, including pieces from the Nate Berkus line.

50 toothbrush

Electronic toothbrushes were down to 50% off. I was waiting for 50% off, so I bought one!

50 camera

I spotted a couple of cameras that were 50% off, these were priced at $44.98

50 socks

The socks seem to be holding at 50% off, I am hoping these will finally go down to 70% off next week.

50 doormats

Lots of doormats were marked down to 50% off

50 end tables

These dorm type end tables were 50% off. If I am not mistaken we usually see some of these marked down to 70% off every year.

50 goggles

Wow! There are a wall full of swim goggles all marked down to 50% off. I pick some of these up every year when they hit 70% off, so I am waiting for that.

50 life vests

Several life vest are 50% off, including the popular Puddle Jumpers.

50 fins

Snorkels and fins also at 50% off. This is another item I try to pick up when they are 70% off. It’s a fun things to have, but not something I want to splurge on because we don’t use them all that often.

50 water toys

Water toys 50% off. Are you starting to see a theme here? I think they are trying to clear out all of their water items.

50 water guns

Water guns also 50% off.

50 boys room decor

There is some really cute kids room decor items all at 30-50% off. All of these boys items were 50% off, and they are CUUUUUTE!

35 50 boys and girl room

30 girl room decor

30 kid art

This kids room art is 30% off, and I think that Rise and Shine art is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Both of these were $20.98 (reg $29.99)

30 kitchen

There are tons of new markdowns in the kitchen department. Make sure you walk up and down each aisle because there were markdowns on each aisle at my store.

15-50 kitchen appliance

Several kitchen appliances are on clearance. These ranged from 15-50% off.

30 college

The whole row of college room decor is now 30% off. We should see some of these make it to 70% off

30 feed

The FEED collection is 30% off.

15 soap and hand sanitzer

Big clearance in soaps and hand sanitizers. Most are only 15% off right now.

15 30 method soap

If you are a fan of Method soap they seem to be clearing out certain scents.

70 clothing

Lastly, there is a nice clothing clearance selection in almost every department. The biggest amount of clearance is in the women’s department and I spotted 3 racks all at 70% off. There were also lots more at 30-50% off.

Lets hear what great clearance deals you have spotted recently. Don’t forget you can email me your photos ([email protected]) or post them on the All Things Target Facebook page.

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  1. At my location. The dorm collection was 50% off! I picked up ottomans for. $9.98. Originally 19.95. Plus used my text coupon for additional $10 off a $50 purchase!

  2. Found Crayola Glitter Chalk 50% off so it was 1.48!! Also found peelie on Advil packages: $2.00 off crayola product when you buy an Advil product! Was getting Advil anyway with great sale going on now and got chalk with a .52 overage 🙂

  3. I found a bunch of items yesterday, I got a bunch of new glasses tall ones were 58 cents each, small ones were 44 cents each. I picked up some books for my daughter in the dollar spot for 50 cents. Then today I found avenger party stuff 50% off which was great because my son wants an avengers party for his birthday so now I have everything for the party. Lots of good things on clearance these days.

  4. My store had a lot of clearance action. BTS was at 30/50; we still have quite a selection so I’m holding (does it go all the way to 90 or just 70?). Black star in the one spot still at 50. I meant to check the sign for the end date but totally forgot. From the one spot I got child swimming arm bands for .25 and really cute small fabric storage bins (which would make cute gift basket holders) for .50. I’ve been stalking the swimming pools, bubbles, and backpack/beach chairs but there were no further markdowns on them this week 🙁 They are still at 30/50. Which reminds me i forgot to check the kid’s bike section, I’ve been eyeing a scooter for my todd. The dorm stuff was at 30/50, i almost picked up the ottomans (50%) but the colors don’t match my decor (lol for now, we’ll see at 70). Picked up a Mucinex cold and sinus at $3.24 (75%, exp 2014). Took advantage of the mobile qs and got celery, bluberries, and ibuprofen. I also got the coppertone waterbabies foaming lotion at 50% but i think will return after reading the reviews. My great find were RE round laundry baskets st $3, there was a stack on an endcap and a lot in the home (not tagged). Been wanting laundry baskets to sort my mountain of unfolded clean laundry.

  5. School supplies were 30-50% off at the Redmond Target, but pretty picked over. Also, I was surprised to see that black star items were 50% off (at the dollar section) today. I picked up some cute workbooks for my preschooler.

  6. My location had quite a few of the 36 count Finish powerball tabs for $2.48 a piece. There’s a $.75 off coupon floating around as well. I believe it was on their website.

  7. Anyone see the Step 2 wagons and some Radio Flyer and other trikes/bikes on 30% clearance? Wondering if anyone has any idea when 50/70 might happen..

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