Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here is the Target Weekly Clearance Update. This week the majority of the pictures are from Kent, but a few are from Puyallup (we’ve labeled them for you if you are local). Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location.

Cute Swingline staplers were 70% off, priced at $3.88. (Kent, WA)

Nate Berkus office supplies were 70% off (Kent, WA)

70% off mugs and shot glasses from the giftables section. (Kent, WA)

I noticed several different styles of shower curtains at 70% off. (Kent, WA)

I saw lots of bathroom accessories 50-70% off. (Kent, WA)

I found a decent selection of video games at 70% off. (Kent, WA)

I found some iPhone 7 cases marked down to 70% off (Kent, WA)

The B. Rockestra has finally made it to 70% off, priced at only $11.98.  (Kent, WA)

Apples to Apples Junior was only $9.98 at 50% off.  (Kent, WA)

There were a couple different printers marked down to 50% off. If you are hoping to snag one at 70% off, your best bet will be checking on a Monday morning. (Kent, WA)

I’ve noticed lots of Threshold Indoor String Lights at 50% off.  (Kent, WA)

All of the Modern by Dwell magazine items were 50% off. (Kent, WA)

Sewing kits and baskets were 50% off. (Kent, WA)

I’m finding select Yoobi items have been marked down to 50% off. These would be great to put in Easter baskets. (Kent, WA)

Some nice water bottles were 50% off.  (Kent, WA)

In the beauty section there were a few Philips Norelco razors for 50% off.  (Sunrise Puyallup)

I spotted some really cute wall art marked down to 50% off.  Prices ranged from $4.98 -$9.98.  (Sunrise Puyallup)

Vibe melon scoopers and peelers were 50% off and priced between $3.48-$6.48.  (Sunrise Puyallup)

30% off cute Threshold kitchen items.  (Kent, WA)

Wow!  It’s very rare to see a Vitamix on clearance, this one was only 15% off.   (Kent, WA)

You know we want to hear all about the clearance deals you have been finding.  Please feel free to share your photos any of the following ways:

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