Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here is the Target Weekly Clearance Update. We are seeing lots of items being cleared out to make way for the new. The hard part now is all the new stuff is finally making it’s way in and it’s always so new and shiny and pretty (and full price). I found these items at my Kent, WA Target. Keep in mind you may not find the exact same items at your store.


I found quite a few of 70% off markdowns in the health and beauty section. Lots of high end hair brands were 70% off.


I also noticed some high end skincare brands also at 70% off.


Tons of boxes of hair color also at 70% off.


Rogaine was also found at 70% off.


I spotted cute hair accessories and brushes at 50% off.


I also found some candles at 70% off. Not all of these were fall and winter scents, I did find some that would be great for spring too like lemon and peach.


My store has an entire aisle filled (on both sides) with boots at 50% off. I’m thinking we should see these go 70% off in the next week or two.


Star Wars Bluetooth speakers were 30% off.


The Star Wars bundle Nabi Tablet was marked down to 30% off. If you want to keep an eye on these Monday is the markdown day for electronics.


There is a bunch of kids bedding and room decor on clearance right now, most of the items I found were currently 30% off. You can see more examples of the bedding below:





PicMonkey Collage

How cute are these lamps? I have always thought that pirate lamp was one of the cutest things ever! Both are 30% off.

PicMonkey Collage

Fun artwork for kids rooms also on clearance at 30% off right now.

PicMonkey Collage

IMG_8392 (1)

I found other artwork and wall decor up to 50% off.


Lots of cute storage baskets and bins at 30-50% off .  Plus, there is a Cartwheel offer for an extra 10% off Circo fabric storage bins.


Lastly, in the bulk section at the back of the store I noticed the big packs of Charmin were marked down to 30% off. These packs were normally $19.49 and not $13.64.

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  1. All the clearance items are so nicely organized at your store!! The store closest to me always looks like a hot mess.

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