Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here are the deals I spotted this week at my Issaquah, WA Target. Keep in mind that clearance deal will vary by store, so you may not find the exact same deals. Who knows, maybe you will find something better!

c electronics 70

This big news this week is that many of the electronics items went 70% off. I have heard from several people that have scored a Bose sound system at 70% off. Yah, I am totally jealous! The most exciting thing I found at my store were those phones.

c electronic hello kitty

I also spotted several Hello Kitty wireless speakers at 70% off.

misc electronics

There were also lots of misc. electronics items on clearance like phone cases, iPad covers, camera cases, headphones and more.

c lampshades 70

I found some lampshades marked down to 70% off too.

vase frame

There were some home decor items marked down to 70% off as well. I found some frames, and some vases and a few other misc. items.

c mop 70

These colorful mops were marked down to 70% off. There so bright and fun it almost makes you want to mop your floor, doesn’t it? No…me neither!

c bedding 50

There was a nice selection of bedding marked down to 50% off.

c cabinet hardware 50

A good portion of the cabinet hardware has been marked down to 50% off.

c storage 50

The signs for these storage items said 30% off, but they were all marked down to 50% off. I am thinking there is a good chance these will go to 70% off very soon.

c party 30

I am sucker for cute party and gift wrap items. Lots of new markdowns, but they are only 30% off right now

c infant denim 70

I found a ton of infant demin at 70% off. If you find the same it would be a great time to stock up on bigger sizes that your little one will grow into.

c girls 30

I noticed a ton of sweats for girls had been recently marked down, these were only 30% off.

I’d love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. I found Sol Republic Studio over the ear headphones for $74.98 after red card discount and pharmacy discount. Regularly $299.00!!! This was on Tuesday 4/1/14

  2. I bought the Spritz fabric and felt flowers to make little girl and baby headbands. They turned out really cute and you really can’t beat the price!

  3. Got the threshold woven bench regular 109.00 for 32.00!! And a bunch of home stuff 70 percent off but sign still says 30!

  4. I’ve been keeping my eye on the auto stuff for a while and it finally went 70% off Thursday. Also power drills and other tools.

    1. And I just bought a large Mag-LIte flashlight for 70% off as well as small boys pajamas and kids wall decals (I got the Cars ones, but Star Wars and Toy Story was available)

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