Target Weekly Clearance Update

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I mentioned at the beginning of the month that the clearance deals really start to slow down in November and December and I found that to be true today.   While there does seem to be an abundance of Home Decor and Clothing on clearance the rest of the departments are kind of lacking.

Here is what I found at the Issaquah, WA store yesterday.     Keep in mind clearance will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same markdowns at your store.

Halloween candy

Halloween candy 2

My store had tons of candy marked down to 70% off as of yesterday. There may be a chance that the Halloween merchandise has been removed from the floors today (Thursday), so keep that in mind if you are heading to the store just for Halloween stuff.

clearance stationery

I am still finding some stationery and gift wrap items at 70% off.

clearance home

clearance home 2

clearance home 3

clearance home 4

Like I mentioned previously, there is an abundance of home decor on clearance. The signs say 30% off, but most of these items were actually 50% off. There is a very good chance these items will get marked down to 70% off either today or next Thursday. Don’t forget about the $5 off $30 home decor coupon so you can save even more.

clearance shoes

I found some shoes marked down to 50% off (even though the sign says 30% off).

clearance swiffer

I have seen these Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost mops on clearance at almost every Target I have visited. They aren’t marked very low yet, buy you may want to keep an eye on them.

clearance toys

I found some nice pre-school type toys at 30-50% off.

clearance glade

Pretty much all of the Glade falls scents are now on clearance. These are currently only at 15% off, but we will continue to see them go lower. Don’t forget about the Glade printable coupons and Glade Target printable coupons.

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  1. The Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti cake mix is on sale for $0.37 and on Cartwheel for 5% off. They don’t expire for a few months and you don’t have to add the sprinkles packet. Great deal!

    1. I bought two when they were at 50% off (only a few were left, so I didn’t think they would make it to 70%). I ended up spending $0.22 after $1/2 Target printable coupon and Cartwheel 5%. And the two I bought don’t expire until 2015, so someone could easily decide to just save them for next Halloween. 🙂

  2. There is also a $1/2 coupon at Target.com that would make them totally FREE! Thanks for the tip Jen. I wish my store still had some left.

  3. I’m so jealous of your Halloween candy. Ours didn’t even have half that much the morning it went to 50%. There were women with a cart full of 50% candy.

  4. I got some great steals last night! The food type items were 70% off for Halloween and it’s just the crappy candy that nobody wants…like candy corn. I had my eye on some costumes for my daughter throughout the past week. Clearance stickers never got put on the items, so I was able to get a ladybug costume (retail $25, clearance $2.50) and a princess outfit (retail $9.99, clearance $0.99) for 90% off! The cashier rang it up a couple of times convinced he was scanning the wrong codes. We have three Target stores within a few miles and none of them have had any decent toy sales. Very disappointing.

  5. I was at Target today and was just checking to see what I might find with clearance and was happy to spot a Halloween webkinz black cat in with the toy clearance. My daughter loves cats and she just got another kitty today for 49 cents! She was mad when I had to take it away from her briefly to check out. I didn’t spot any other Halloween items and I was looking all over to see if I could score anything else. I also got the men’s dial deal thanks to your tip earlier today! Thanks for all you do to help us all save money!!!

  6. I have to say thank you for the photos of the great halloween clearance. I managed to snag a turtles hoodie for my son. the only one out of three stores and it was his size. My hubby went to target by his work and snagged a couple of mickey hoodies too. Thanks so much for that.
    Today while searching for turtles hoodies, i found a GreenPan Non-Stick 11-inch Round Grill Pan Set for $13 and change reduced from 44.99. There are mixed reviews about these pans and how well they stay non-stick but i figured i would keep the receipt 😉

  7. My store had the purple ottoman ( the one in your pic) marked 50% 2 weeks ago. I visited T this afternoon, and it still didn’t mark down 70% off yet. I wonder if there is a chance T will mark down at the end of day or I should wait until next Thursday. Anyone know, please give me some advises.

  8. Found couple outdoor door mats @ 70% for 3.88, the kids Minnie shoes are 70% for 5.89 plus there is a cartwheel for shoes and even if the cartwheels says “excludes clearance,” it worked for me. There were couple other styles of kids and adults shoes marked at 70% and last but not the least I found couple of the highly talked about ‘mickey mouse hoodies for 1.5.thank you thank you, thank you for posting all these wonderful deals. I have spent closed to $100 at T in the last 2 weeks. I guess instead of me thanking you, Target should be thanking you. 😉

  9. The Target nearest my house has less than 1/4 aisle of Halloween left. I scored 4 packages of boy’s Cherokee underwear for $3 a 5 pack so it wasn’t a totally wasted trip.

  10. Our Target had non-food Halloween items 90% off on Tuesday. There are some Halloween Energizer Led night lights that cam to $.69. The Halloween part can be covered up with decorative tape, fabric, etc. They are nice little lights for the price!

      1. I also found some. It depends on your store. I found one set, in the toddler section and one set in the Halloween section

  11. How long has your Halloween 90% lasted before salvage? Mines went 90 on Wednesday. I wanted to pick up more of those candy corn pretzels (delish!) but couldn’t make it to the store yesterday, Thursday.

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