Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here is the Target Weekly Clearance Update! I found quite a few items at 70% off. I am located in the PNW. Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location.

I found a Garmin VivoFit Jr marked down to 70% off, it was $20.99 (reg $69.99)

My store has a bunch of vinyl albums marked down to 70% off.

This books was also 70% off.

Several Heyday electronic accessories were 50% off.

The Sugarfix gift sets finally went down to 70% off at my store.  These sets were $6.00 (reg $20)

Make sure you check out the jewelry section, my stores had racks and rack of clearance earrings for 50-70% off.

Here’s another gift item they brought in for Christmas that has finally been marked down to 70% off.  These would make great gifts for teens.  They’d be perfect in an Easter basket too!

There were tons of hair accessories also marked down to 70% off.

The handbags is another department where there is a bunch of clearance.  This bag was 70% off, only $11.09!


You may also want to check the More Than Magic items in the girls department, I found several items on clearance.  Most were 70% off.

There is an abundance of clearance clothing right now in all departments.  Here is a peep at just a few of the items I found at 70% off in they boys and girls’ departments.

The sporting goods section is another great one to check, I found lots of 70% off markdowns there.

So many of these water bottles are unmarked.  I knew to scan and check these because I saw them on clearance at other stores.

Definitely check the beauty department, there are marking down a bunch of hair care products.  These were 50% off at my store.  I’m holding out for 70% off to see what is left and then I will stock up.

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