Target Weekly Clearance Update

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This week I found a ton of clearance items marked down to 70% off! January is one of the best months for finding clearance deals because they are clearing out lots of product so they can bring in new things for spring. I am located in the PNW.  Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location.

I found these Skullcandy wireless headphones for only $7.49.  Remember, Target is not putting clearance stickers on a lot of their merchandise now.  I found this deal because there was a yellow clearance sticker on the shelf.

Found some water bottles marked down to 70% off.

There are lots of 70% off markdowns in camping and sporting goods right now.  Hopefully your store has the same, if not check back next week.  They want to move these items!

If you have a kid in soccer,  now is the time to buy!  I found almost all the items in the soccer section marked down to 70% off.

I am still finding lots of markdowns in the beauty dept.  You need to make sure to walk down the aisles, most of these items were not an an end cap for me.  Although I will say, things are starting to thin out so you store may have them on an end cap by now.

I found a shelf full of activity kits marked down to $3 in the electronics department (70% off).  There were lot of difference characters to choose from.

This Rubbermaid set was marked down to 50% off.

Nice selection of some backpacks also at 50% off.

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  1. Couple questions:

    I looked for earbuds at my store but could not find, even though brickseek said they were there at the $7.49 price. Could they be in back? Also do they match the brickseek price?

    Thanks much, I love your finds!!

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