Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here are the clearance deals I spotted at the Target in Issaquah, WA. Keep in mind clearance prices and selection will vary by location.

70 exercise

I found all of the clearance exercise equipment had been marked down to 70% off today.

70 waterslides

70 nerf

70 baby floats

It looks like maybe the water toys did not go 70% off last week at this store. They had a HUGE selection left, so I am wondering if the 70% off markdown actually happened today. If you didn’t find the 70% off markdown at your store last week, you may want to check this week.

50 30 backpacks

Wow! This store had a ton of backpacks left, these ranged from 30-50% off.

50 30 lunchbox

I thought they had a ton of backpacks and then I saw all the lunch boxes they have left. These are currently 30-50% off.

50 30 dorm room decor

Still lots of dorm room decor at 30-50% off.

30 storage

I also noticed quite a few different storage options are marked down to 30% off. This is just a small sample there were quite a few different items to choose from.

30 kleenex

The 4-pack of Kleenex are now down to 30% off.

30 freezer

I had no idea that Target carries freezers, but I found these and they were 30% off.

30 50 cooking tools

50 kids dish sets

There is still a nice selection of clearance in the kitchen department. Most items are 30-50% off. This department always seems to take a lot longer to markdown the items than most other departments.

30 electronics

Make sure you check the electronics department, I found quite a few new markdowns.

50 30 books

While in the electronics you may also want to check for clearance books. My store had quite a few books that have been recently marked down. Prices were 30-50% off.

30 toys

Some toys are being clearanced out. Most of the items I found were 30% off. I think the Melissa & Doug set is super cute, and it was only $13.98 (reg $19.99).

70 30 health

I was thrilled to find the Goody hair accessories finally marked down to 70% off. I have been waiting for those to go down to 70% off.   They also have some elf nail polish sets and Old Spice soap marked down to 30% off.

50 sunblock


Sunblock sets have been marked down to 50% off and there are lots of Purell hand sanitizer that was priced at $1.74

30 boys clothing

Make sure you check the clothing, there are always great deals to be found! I was surprised to find 3 racks full of clearance clothing in the boys department, they rarely have that much marked down.

15 pampers

There are tons of diaper boxes on clearance. Most stores should find Pampers at their store (it was announced in the weekly ad), but I also found Up & Up and Huggies on clearance at mine. Check this post for coupons.

I love for you to share the great clearance deals you have been finding at Target. Leave a comment, or email your photo to [email protected].

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  1. I found the last of the school/summer art supplies at 70% off and combined them with coupons for an awesome deal: four Crayola dry erase boards, one Crayola glow chalk art kit, and one pack of Crayola colored bubbles, all at 70% off, totaled $10.27. I took off one $2/$10+ Crayola purchase MQ from an Avery three-ring binder insert that I had bought in August (on sale, of course), plus one $2/$10+ Crayola purchase Target coupon that had printed at the register last week. Final price = $6.27, -5% from Target Redcard. Final price on average for six items was $0.99 each.

    PLUS, the Crayola dry erase boards had peelies on them for $0.75 off a four-pack of Kleenex tissues. I found only one four-pack of the school decorated Kleenex at 30% off clearance (mentioned in the post above) (also came with double Box Tops! Yay!), but that made the four-pack less than $3 after RedCard discount, which was a good deal (plus I mentally add the Box Tops value of $0.80 to my savings because I consider it a donation to my kids’ school, so that made the whole deal approximately just over $2 for the Kleenex four-pack).

  2. Do you know if they mark down holiday stuff the day of the holiday, or the day after? I like to buy Halloween stuff for next year (and Christmas when that happens) once it goes on sale, and I only occasionally seem to catch it right. Usually everything is gone by the time I’m there. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Beth, the day after it goes to 50% off, then maybe a week after to 70% and then three days later 90%. This is an estimate but also, the food items are on a different schedule as far as percentages. Last year Nov 7 was the day in St. Louis when the Halloween items went to 90% off. Hope this helps.

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