Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here is a look at some of the items I found on clearance at the Issaquah Target location this week. Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location.

70-30 beauty

There is a nice selection of misc. health and beauty products marked down from 30-70% off. I love checking out the clearance in this section, because there will often be coupons that match up with these items.

70 sonia

I found a Sonia Kashuk travel case marked down to 70% off.

70 undergarments

There are still quite a few undergarments priced at 70% off.

70 jewelry cases

Coordinating jewelry boxes and storage pieces were finally marked down to 70% off.

50 giftables

About half of the items in the gift section of the store were marked down to 50% off. These items can be found in an aisle near the greeting cards.

50 kitchen

50 kitchen 2

The kitchen area had a bunch of clearance on pitchers, bowls, baskets, cups and more all marked down to 50% off.

50 nightgowns

Lots of women’s nightshirts and pants marked down to 50% off.

30 bedding

Right now there is a large selection of bedding marked down to 30% off. This includes quite a few of the children’s themed items too.

30 grills30 grill 230 bbq tools

It looks like the remaining grills and BBQ items have finally been marked down to 30% off.

30 patio

The remaining patio equipment has also been marked down to 30% off.

30 garden

Lastly, you may also find the garden and garden care items have also been marked down to 30% off.

I would love to hear what you have been finding on clearance at Target recently.

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  1. My SIL bought a grill at our Target in Beaumont, TX originally $200+ for $99. 50% off and that was this past Sunday. Great deals. Love Target!

    1. HI KIM, I found a tent last January towards the end of the month on clearance for 70% off.It was towards the end of the toy sale.It seems like they clearance the sporting goods aisle and camping aisle then as well. It was a 9 person Coleman tent for approx. 56.00, I also got an E-z up type canopy 70% as well from the same aisle.I live in Massachusetts so I’m not sure if that makes a difference, no one in New England wants to be camping that time of the year:) hope that helps!

    1. Yes, they do! I purchased mine at 70% off two years ago. They had three when I got there in the morning and two walked away while I was waiting for my hubby to grab a cart!

  2. Thank you! Any idea when School Supplies will go clearance.. or at least what is the best day of the week to look?

  3. Summer toys are marked down to 30% off! Bubbles, chalk, sand toys, Nerf toys, bubble mower and some other bigger things. I also saw one tent/tunnel. Anyone know how long it takes for this stuff to go to 50-70%?

  4. My Target has all lawn and garden,patio furniture and grills 70% off today! . . .Lots of bargains. . .if you need something. I’m in NE Ohio.

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