Target Weekly Clearance Update

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It’s time for the Target Weekly Clearance Update! The BIG news is the makeup went 70% off this week.  Let us know if you found the similar markdowns at your store.  Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location so you may not find the same deals at your store.  

Here is a peek at the different types of makeup that went 70% off. My store had everything from mascara, foundation, eyeliner and lots of nail polish. It’s a great time to stock-up!  Check your stores, there were so many deals!  All of the items I found were in the regular aisle and not on a clearance endcap, so keep that in mind when you are looking for deals.

I spotted this super cool Pillowfort mermaid wearable blanket for 50% off! If you missed out on the nice sale around Christmas time you might want to your check your store. There were some other character blankets 50% off.

Make sure you have a peek at the kids’ shoe department, there is a ton of shoes 50% off. Lots of cute styles!

Another item to check out is kids socks. There was a whole wall full of packs of socks 50% off.

I found some different styles of women’s handbags and backpacks 30% off. Hopefully we will see these drop to 50% off very soon.

I was surprised to find a few LEGO sets 30-50% off. You can check out all of the toys I found 70% off at my store last week HERE

It seems like the baby items have been 30% off forever! I did come across this cute 4-piece crib bedding set and nice breast pump tote 50% off. All of the other baby items I saw were 30% off. You can take a peek at all of the other baby items we recently found on clearance HERE.

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