Target Weekly Clearance Update

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This week’s clearance update is a little different than most, mainly because I went to a different store today and there wasn’t much to report.  I have lame clearance days too!  It’s not all bad though, I did find a Star Wars LEGO at 70% off.   The things I found at this store were pretty much the same deals I share last week (from a different store) only they were priced higher.  I didn’t think showing you the same items I shared last week at higher prices would be very exciting.

I did find a few deals to share with you, but before I do I wanted to see if you have found something similar at your store.   The toy department had about 5 or 6 end caps filled with clearance toys.  The sign at the top of the end caps said “clearance” and they were filled with toys I have seen on clearance at other stores, however none of the items had yellow clearance stickers.   Crazy, right?  Here is a peek at some of the toys:

No clearance stickers in sight!  I scanned a lot of the toys to check them out, and sure enough they are on clearance.   Has this ever happened at your store?

I found a Star Wars LEGO set at 70% off (no clearance sticker).  Woo hoo! This one came home with me.

Most of the toys were marked down to 50% off.

Cute Lori Dolls pick up truck.  Again, none of these clearance items actually had clearance stickers.  So strange!   Here are a few other things I found on clearance at this store that are were mentioning.  Sorry there isn’t more, it was a really boring clearance day for me. 

I found quite a few beauty and first aid items at 50-70% off.

This Instant Post Multi-Use Programmable Multicooker was 50% off.

These cute Pyrex containers were newly marked down to 30% off.

I’d love to hear what you are finding on clearance at your Target store.  Hopefully, it’s more exciting than what I found.


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  1. Hi!
    Last week I found beach towels for $3.00. Like FROZEN and MARIO CART beach towels. My little ones love “fancy” bath towels so they will be added to their Christmas presents from Santa. Who says “no” to $3.00 character towels??? Not me, lol. I should be hired by target to simply promote their Red Card 🙂

    1. Woah! That is awesome! I was really thinking the kitchen items at my store would be 70% off by now too, but they seem a little behind.

  2. Hi everyone, i work at target in the houma,la store.The store has what they call decaited bussiness owners. each department has to do everything in a certain amount of time. We are so overwhelmed with one person trying to do the work of 5 people.Example they expect you to do 5 flats of freight in half an hour.They don,t seem to care if we mark clearance are not.Alot of merchandise is set to go salvage because they wont let us do what we need to do.I personally think they will loose a lot of money to be madeAll they seem to care about is how good the store looks.

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