Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here is your Target Weekly Clearance Update, these deals were spotted at the Issaquah, WA location. Keep in mind that clearance prices vary, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store, but it should give you a good idea of what you may find.

clear food 70

You will want to check the food department, I am finding lots of items marked down. All of the above items were marked down to 70% off.

clear food 50

Most of the other food items were 50% off. There really are some great deals in this department, so make sure you check it out.

clear shoes

clear shoes close

There are so many shoes on clearance, my store has them at 30-50% off, but I have heard reports of people finding items at 70% off already.

clear flip flops

Lots of flip flops at 50% off, when they get to 70% off I buy a couple for next summer.

clear slp on shoes

Even more shoes at 50% off. This is another “must check” department because of all the clearance.

clear leap frog

clear imaginext

Most stores DID NOT go to 70% off on the toys today. Hopefully, we will see the markdown happen next Thursday, which works out well for me, because my husband usually shops for me and he had a meeting early this morning. I guess I had a little dose of Target Toy Karma this morning.

clear games

I did want to mention that I noticed a few more games marked down that I hadn’t seen before. These range from 30-50% off.

clear play-doh

I also noticed a good portion of the Play-Doh and Play-Doh sets are on clearance.

clear crayola

There are also some great Crayola items are clearance.

clear health beauty

I found quite a few beauty items marked down to 50% off. All of the perfumes were 50% off, and the Yes to Blueberries set was $7.48 and Sonia Kashuk set was $6.48.

clear kitchen

A few kitchen appliances are 50-70% off. The Bella novelty sets are finally down to $5.98 (70% off) and the blender was $19.98 (50% off).

clear paula deen

Just like every other store in the world – Paula Deen products are on clearance. These are currently only 30% off.

clear baby clothes 70

I found baby clothes and onsies down to 70% off.

clear baby furn

Some baby furniture, car seats are more are currently 30% off. The selection in this department isn’t as big as it was in January, if you see an item go to 50% off I am thinking you may want to grab it.

clear pressure washer

I have seen this same pressure washer at almost every store I have visited. It is currently only 30% off, but if it makes it to 70% off it would make a nice Christmas gift for the guy in your life.

clear bike trailer

Sporting good are just starting to get marked down at my store. They had a nice bike trailer at 30% off.

Of course, the biggest clearance news is the 90% off summer items. These items WILL NOT have clearance stickers on them, this section is very similar to the Easter or Christmas clearance the items won’t get marked with stickers. Very soon, these items will be salvaged and start ringing up at regular price or “item not found”. You may find these items around the store in their regular departments. Make sure you check out all the photos of readers trips HERE and HERE to you know what you are looking for.

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  1. Saw a few toys go 70% off at my store this morning in Hayward, CA. Mostly in the boys section (Monsuno toys) – didn’t see any girls toys at 70 yet…

  2. My target in farmingdale NY had bike trailers at 70% off!! Only 2 of them marked from $100 to $30. Score!!!!!!

    1. Elizabeth in GR, MI if it comes up as item not found it means it’s been removed from the system. More than likely has gone salvage. They always take it and say they can’t sell it. Only 1 time was I able to buy the item as the lady stickered it for me.

    2. It depends on the cashier. Sometimes I can explain that the items are 90% off and tell them what I paid ‘last time’. Other times they say no. I have about a 75% success rate, but find it hilarious when they can’t calculate 90% off $4.99.

    1. THAT’S THE BEST!!! You can go ask for a manager and barter the price down, I got these 109 chevron bar stools for 50 a piece!

  3. I found toys marked down 70% in Pgh – varied store tore store & they were mixed in with regular toys.

  4. Any idea how much that battle arena shown in the picture was? I got it for $15 a few days ago and just wondered if it was cheaper.

  5. The Target at Sunrise Village in Puyallup, Wa went 70% off today but they didn’t start marking things down until 10 am. The South Hill Mall only marked some of there toys 70%.

  6. The battle arena was cheaper btw, I think I got a couple for $8 today? Keep your receipts– the stuff I picked up for 50% last week (just a few things) I returned today when I bought them at 70% off.

  7. Denton, Texas Target still had toys at 30%-50% off. None at 70%, unfortunately. Looked at the summer clearance. Not much left except for chairs and umbrellas. Did find lots of goodies in the food department. $.40 Ortega taco sauce, $1.07 box of Lipton tea, etc.

  8. One deal I found, while not clearance was that if the items for college have a matching item (ie bins) you are able to save 30-50%. For example the small RE box with the green handles was $3.49, yet the college version with black handles was $1.99.

  9. I had an item that wouldn’t scan yesterday in the aisle, but I brought it to the register and it rang just fine (at 90%!). Same thing happened a few months back too.

  10. I think that Target is trying their best to sell as much toys as possible at 50%, this way they are making a little more money by making us wait an extra week. I did, however, find a nice Lego set for my grandson at 50% off and some arts & craft toys at 50% off too. They were no more of these toys on the rack, so I picked them up. I only found 2 toys at 70% off and picked those up as well.

    1. I totally agree! I was telling my sis this morning that I think they are trying to make more money by holding out another week. Kind of annoying

  11. They were scanning toys at my store today (I didn’t stick around to see what, I was after the seasonal clearance), and then at another local store, there was a considerable amount of clearance, although not 70%. Pasadena, CA area.

  12. Toys here in Target, Las vegas are still at 30-50% off. The summer clearance is already wiped out. The last one i got was the kids chair for $1.49 ($14.99 reg price). No luck on the totes.

  13. I went to 4 different Targets looking for deals. Only found anything at 70% off at the last one in way far out Puyallup. I got some Beyblades and Beywheels at 70% off including the stadium. Unfortunately the My Little Pony I got was only $50 off. All of the Legos were still at 15% everywhere I went. I got 2 Mariners hats for only $5.08 each!!! (a bunch of Mariners stuff was on sale at 3 of the stores I went to, but only the last one had them 70% off) I was surprised to see that prices were all over the place. The short outfit I bought on Wed. for my son for $10 was 30% off at one Target but not on sale at all at others.

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