Target Weekly Clearance Update

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It’s a cloudy rainy day here in the PNW and what better way to get out of the dreary weather than head to Target!   I’m sharing the weekly clearance update with you today, only this one is a little different than usual.  So many times you all are amazed by how much my store has left or how organized my store is, well this should prove to you that it’s not always the case.  I had to pick my husband up at the airport so I visited a Target I rarely get to, it’s one of those fancy newly remodeled Target stores and the selection of clearance items was down right depressing.

Umm…this is what I saw on almost every clearance end cap.  Not much but misc. odds and ends and it was not very organized at all.

When I found clearance items, I found that they were only 30% off and similar to items I found at 50% off last week at a store closer to me.  I hate when that happens, you think things will be lower a week later and you find out they are higher.  This just goes to show how much clearance can vary from store to store.

Check out this deal!  Was $4.00.  Now $4.00! 

I searched a little harder and I did find some deals worth reporting.  I even found some things at 70% off that I was excited to find.  These dumbbells are not the items I was excited about, these were 50% off.

Yogat Mat Towel was 70% off.

Here are the items I was excited about!  The super cute Dabney Lee coolers were marked down to 70% off.  These were only $5.98.

There were several different styles.

This one was only marked 30% off, but I figured since the other were 70% off there was a good chance this one would be 70% off too and it was.  It often pays to scan the items to double check the price.

Not much in way of toy clearance like at my other stores, but this game was 50% off.

Sugarfix jewelry was 50% off.

Lastly, I found some kids shoes at 30% off.   

So, overall this was kind of a depressing trip, not much in the way of deals, but I did still find some deals worth mentioning.   How is the clearance at your Target store?  Are you always finding great deals or is it hit and miss?

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  1. So glad you saw what I experience many times…I work HARD to find some of these 70% off items…and not all target stores have the same clearance sales?…it’s all a hit or miss!

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