Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here are the deals I found on clearance at the Kent, WA store this week. Keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

I found quite a bit at 70% off today! First up the patio and garden clearance, I wasn’t expecting to find a lot since it seems like most stores went 70% off a couple of days ago, but here is what I found (Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get prices, today I only had time to run through the store and snap photos):

clear patio

clear table

clear round table

clear gazeboclear umbrellas

All of these patio items were marked down to 70% off!

clear garden

I also found some planters and garden items also at 70% off.

clear party

Some party supplies were also marked down to 70% off.

clear kitchen

I found kitchen items, including the fresh market line down to 70% off. My store had 3 of the super cute condiment holders on Monday, but there weren’t any left today. Waiting for 70% off doesn’t always pay off.

clear nate

Several Nate Berkus home decor items were down to 70% off, these have actually been at 70% off for a week or two. I am thinking they weren’t such a big hit.

clear toys girl

I notice some of the toys went to 50% off today. In fact, I saw the employees marking stuff down while I was there.

cleat toy tbm

I found this markdown interesting, these Teen Beach Movie dolls are already 50% off and the movie hasn’t even played yet. Weird!

clear lego

I also noticed a few more LEGO’s have been marked down to 15% off.

clear socks

clear tights

There are a ton of markdowns in the socks and tights. They are clearing out the bright summer colors to make way for fall.

clear shoes

Shoes were still only at 30% off this week, keep an eye on these. The markdown day is Thursday, and we should see them go to 50% off in the next week or tow.

clear smith

Lastly, I noticed quite a few markdowns in the Smith & Hawken aisle.

Let’s hear what clearance deals you have been finding!

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  1. I struck out! I had seen a pair of pink jeans 70% off in every size but mine. I’ve now been to all 4 Targets in our metro area. Same story. All have them but NO 12 to be found! The last of the four had a pair on a 12 hanger, but alas they tricked me! 😉

  2. Geeze, I am jealous! I was at my Target yesterday morning and the outdoor section had been marked 70% finally but there was almost NOTHING left. It had all been consolidated into half an aisle. 🙁

  3. Most Shoes in my area (Pasadena, CA) have been marked down to 70%. Signs say 30% but tags say otherwise. 8 pairs for $45 (before taxes)

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