Target Weekly Clearance Update (Good Stuff is happening!!)

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Target Weekly Clearance Update

I love sharing the Target Weekly Clearance Update with you when there are exciting things to share.  I mentioned that last week there were tons of items marked down to 30% off in almost every department.  This week I will share the items I found marked down to 50% off and even 70% off.  There are also some new items marked down to 30% off that I didn’t mention last week.  Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store. These items were found at my Federal Way, WA Target store (does anyone else agree that Federal Way is one of the weirdest city names ever)?


These Olaf Humidifiers were 70% off an only $11.98.




I found a ton of women’s clothing marked down to 70% off this week.


The clearance in the backpacks was kind of interesting.  I found some brands marked down to 70% off while other were 50% off and 30% off.   The two bags above were 70% off and the ones below were 30-50% off.   If I can find backpacks at 70% off I always pick up one or two for when my kids backpacks wear out.  I also go for the more expensive sturdier ones so they last a couple of years.


img_2064 img_2065


All the grills at my store were marked down to 50% off.   We should see these hit 70% off very soon if they haven’t already hit 70% off at your store.




Garden supplies have been marked down to 50% off.  I’m thinking these is a very good chance these will go to 70% off next week.


I found a leaf blower and weed wacker at 50% off.


Lots of patio umbrellas at 50% off.


Other patio items are also 50% off.


I know many of you are watching the Disney Infinity items closely and they have finally gone down to 50% off.  I have heard from a couple people that they finally went to 70% off at there store.  Disney will no longer be making Infinity gaming items so this is your last chance to pick some up.


I found quite a few video games at 50% off.



Oh Joy! items were marked down to 50% off.  I really wanted to buy they “hey” sign, but I passed.


These stools went down to 50% off.



I found misc. home items like lighting, storage and more down to 50% off.



The black triangle dollar spot items finally went 50% off.   My store moved all of these to the back of the store.   We should see these go 70% off tomorrow or even today (I took this photo on Thursday).




I found several craft and art items marked down to 50% off.


I brought my daughter with me and she was just a tad bit excited about the clearance deals on water bottles.   She has a small obsession with water bottles.   We didn’t bring any of these home, because I am pretty sure she has enough water bottles to use a different one every day of the week.    If I can find any of these when they hit 70% off I may pick some up for Christmas gifts.


These metal Aladdin ones were 50% off and priced at $7.98


These other ones by Aladdin and ello were only 30% off.   There are some really fun styles and colors!



School supplies here are 30-50% off.   We just started school last week so ours always go on clearance later than most.



It’s kind of crazy that the baby and toddler clothing is STILL 30% off.   I know many of you are watching these, I will do my best to let you know when they finally hit 50% off and 70% off.


The swim goggles, life jackets, etc remained at 30% off at my store this week.

We would LOVE to hear about any amazing Target clearance deals you are finding, please share any of the following ways:



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