Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off LEGO duplo, dollar spot, toaster & more)

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Here is the Target Weekly Clearance update! I found these items at my Issaquah, WA Target location. Keep in mind that that clearance deals will vary by location.

dollar spot clearance

The black dot items in the Target One Spot finally went to 70% off. It sure took a long time! If you don’t see 70% off signs I would scan and item or two. My signs said 50% off, but I scanned them and as you can see they scanned at 70% off. My store had quite a few things left.

duplo 70

One of my favorite finds today were these LEGO duplo sets marked down to only $5.98 (reg $19.99). They are 70% off!

oster toaster

This Oster Toaster (that’s kind of fun to say) was also 70% off. It was priced at only $11.98 (reg $39.99). What a super deal!

shower curtain 70

There were some gorgeous shower curtains marked down to 70% off, both of these styles were only $5.98. I wish I needed a shower curtain, I love both of these!

shelf candle

There were several 70% off items in home decor, one of which were these wall shelves with 2 LED candles. These were $10.98.

70 off frames

video games

There was a nice selection of video games marked down to 70% off. These and most of the games I saw were priced at only $4.48.

hb 3



There was a nice variety of health and beauty items marked down to 50% off.

bedding 50

kids bedding 50

Bedding sets were finally marked down to 50% off at my store. This includes a nice selection of kids bedding too.

mossimo shoes

These popular Massimo shoes have been marked down to 30% off, they are currently $17.48 at my store.

cheeky clearance

Wow! All of the Cheeky paper products are now on clearance. I hope this just means they are coming out with fun new colors…I love the Cheeky paper products. The napkins were 30% off and everything else was 15% off. If plan on stocking up at 50-70% off!

frozen food

frozen food 2

Make sure you check out the frozen food section, there are tons of new markdowns. Most of the items are currently only 15% off, but we will see them go lower over the next few weeks.

We really enjoy hearing about what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. Sorry to ask this, total newbie here, but where are clearance items usually located? Is there a clearance aisle? Or the items are in their normal place but with a clearance sticker on them? Thanks

  2. Totally found the Duplos on clearance at my Sterling, VA, Target on Saturday ! They didn’t have a clearance sticker on them, but I checked the price because of this post. They rang up for $5.98!!

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