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Target Valentine Clearance now 90% off (Hidden Toy Deals & FREE M&M’s)

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If you store’s Valentine Clearance did not go 90% off yesterday, then today should be the day! I have already received several reports that people have found 90% off at their store.

Make sure you check for the hidden toy deals that are ringing up on clearance, you can check those out below:

UPDATE: It sounds like the toys deals are back to ringing up at full-price at many stores now.

If you are really lucky you may find some bagged LEGO’s in either the Friends or Chima theme.

Lastly, make sure you print these coupons for M&M’s if you find some at your store, they should be ringing up at only $ .95, which will make them FREE!!

M&M Valentine Candy $ .95 ~ Buy 2 (clearance 70% off)
$1.50/2 Target printable coupon
$1.50/2 printable coupon or $1.50/2 coupon from 1/17 Red Plum insert
Final Price = 2 FREE

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  1. Just a heads up the the hidden deals might be fixed in the computer now. My husband stopped at one of our Supertargets here in Orlando (SODO) and all the deals I told you about yesterday-Disney Plush, MLP, Webkins, Sesame Street were back to regular price. I noticed on other sites that people are reporting the same. Good luck to those shopping today.

  2. Hidden deals in Grand Rapids, MI are fixed in the computer and back to normal price – BOO!!! Because of my obsession with deals, I past buying the Lego Friends bags for 1.17 yesterday thinking my store had like 20 bags, I would just buy them at 90% tomorrow – so disappointed this morning when the ring full price. Won’t make that mistake again. They are now with the Easter items. But I did find some great items at 90%!

  3. Hi Christy, locally, where would be the best store to hit with the most selection left over? I live in your area. 🙂

    1. The photo is from Renton last night and there wasn’t much left. The only other store I have been to recently was Kent, but that was on Monday. It might be worth checking. Sorry, I am not more help!

  4. I think I will try going the Northgate (WA) store today. I went to the Lynnwood store yesterday and there was NO sign that Valentine’s day ever happened.

  5. Sterling VA 90% today – Sesame Street and Disney Princesses back to full price. I did get MLP and Super Heroes for 90%.

  6. went to the target in augusta, ga today and select disney characters were ringing up $0.69 each. I got Sulley from Monsters and Squirt from Finding Nemo. Nemo and Crush were normal price and so was Dumbo… was hoping to get him for cheap too. I didnt check the other toys.

  7. I’m in the chicago area, and there are also little golden books that are ringing up for $0.39/each at Target! (Reg $3.99) Look in the kids book section by electronics for valentines titles like “I love you daddy”, “I love you mommy” and “Where do kisses come from”.

  8. I hit 2 central Iowa stores this morning — South Ridge Mall in Des Moines DID ring up at the 90% off, Merle Hay Mall DID NOT. My friend went to two others — Ankeny DID ring up at the 90% off, Altoona DID NOT.

    Also, in the My Little Pony section, some of the ponies come with DVDs and those WERE on sale at the same price as those without DVDs.

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