Target Weekly Clearance Update (Summer 50% off)

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Here is your Target weekly clearance update. These items were found at my store in Renton, WA. Keep in mind clearance deals can vary from store to store. I hope you find lots of great deals!

The summer seasonal items FINALLY went 50% off, but for some strange reason they have put clearance stickers this year. I don’t know if this means it will only go to 70% off or not. I don’t know if this is a new thing they will do with all the holiday clearance (I really don’t think it is). Can you imagine them having to put prices stickers on every single item of the Christmas clearance? I am hoping this is a one time thing (maybe because of all the Disney items, but who knows). We’ll just have to wait and see what the next holiday/seasonal clearance brings. I do think that since all of these items are tagged with clearance stickers it will take longer for it to get marked down to 70% off (this is just a guess), but we’ll keep an eye on things and keep you updated.  Another assumption is that these items may not go to 90% off since they are being priced like the regular clearance items, but again we’ll just have to wait and see.


The Mickey Junk Food collection was also on clearance.  We didn’t have a ton left at the one store I was at, but everything was 30-50% off.

Speaking of Mickey clearance, the Pillowfort Mickey collection is on clearance and priced at 30-50% off.

The Mickey beauty items are also on clearance, they were 50% off at my store.

Don’t forget there is an awesome Cartwheel offer to save an extra 20% on clearance apparel, shoes and accessories.

Several handbags were 50% off

Jewelry at 50% off.

I also found a bunch of clearance in the food department at 30-50% off, so keep an eye out.  Most of the items were in the regular aisles, not on an end cap.

We are getting to the fun time of the month when we will see big price drops on lots of clearance item like toys, baby, etc.  We always love to see the clearance deals you find.  Please share you photos any of the following ways:

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