Target: Some Reporting 90% off Valentine Clearance (should be 90% off on 2/20 for others)

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A big huge thanks to Wendy for sharing her 90% off Valentine shopping trip of the All Things Target Facebook page.   I can’t believe all the items she was able to find at 90% off.

I have heard from several people that their stores went to 90% off today. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the rest of us should see 90% off at our stores tomorrow Wednesday, February 20th.   I will start a post bright and early on the All Things Target Facebook page so everyone can report what they find at their store.

I know many stores have slim pickins, but you may also want to check the toy departments for some small toys that were in the Valentine department. Here are some items that readers have let me know they found ringing up really cheap.

  • Sesame Street 2-pack figures
  • Disney Princess figures
  • Webkins
  • Smaller Disney Plush (Nemo, princesses, & Monsters Inc.)
  • My LIttle Ponies
  • Lego Friends bagged sets
  • Lego Chima bagged sets
  • Valentine Kelly &
  • Hot wheels (5-pack)and
  • Plush animals (with the heart tag)

Brandy also mentioned that at her stores these items by the registers were ringing up on clearance

  • Disney Princess Lil’ Kingdom
  • Magi Clips dolls

Thanks Wendy and Brandy!

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  1. wow just some great Valentine’s Day buys! Carters “Mommy’s Valentine” Onesie for 49cents (full price 4.99)!

  2. I hit 3 targets after work and even though it looked like slim pickings, ended up with soooo much, lol! There were baby girl pink bubble type skirts for 70 cents and matching headbands for 30 cents. Boys tshirts 90 cents. I got a bunch of disney plush for $2 each, generic valentines plush for 49 cents each. Some really nice decorations for $2 or less each. Those cute little pillows for 99 cents. Disney pez 59 cents. Packs of pirate tattoos for 15 cents. Gift bags from 9-29 cents. I did buy one bag of candy, even though it was only 70% off because I need the conversation hearts for a project. I haven’t gone through everything or totaled up the receipts, but I think I cleaned up pretty nicely. ;p

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