Target: More Hidden Valentine Clearance Deals (My Little Pony & Disney Stuffed)

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I mentioned earlier that a reader let me know about a few more Valentine hidden deals that were ringing up at clearance prices. I was able to stop at Target this evening and take a couple of photos, so you know what to look for. I found these items at the Renton Landing location. They had several of both of these items as well as the Sesame Street characters too!

My Little Pony items are hanging in the toy aisle priced at $5.09 at my store.

They rung up at 70% off, only $1.52.

The Disney stuffed animals and dolls were also in the regular toy aisle, found where the preschool toys would be found. They have several characters from Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo and more.

Let us know if you find any of these at your store. Good luck!

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  1. I forgot to look for mlp, but I got about a half dozen disney plush. Monsters inc and nemo, mostly. I found the Sesame Street and princess figures, but I wasn’t looking to pay quite that much for them, lol!

  2. Im in Hillsboro Oregon and both Hillsboro and Beaverton toys were 70% off but I ventured to Tigard Target and they were 90% off!!! I got 16 webkinz at .49 cents each! (gonna use them as party favors for my sons birthday) mlp at .61 cents each and seaseme at .66 each. Disney plush was there at .49 but I didnt need any. Princess dolls still 1.49 and I found 1 hot wheels pack for 1.49 at a Hillsboro target perfect for my sons Easter basket. I also found Thomas the train party decor on clearance so scored on that. In addition to toys i got a few picture frames at 1.22 each, m&ms at .09 a bag, .45 cent renuzit and my store had glade mist starters on clearance for 1.68 and target has a 2 dollar off coupon making them FREE. i made out like a bandit and am totally stoked with my findings ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. There are also My Little Ponies that come with a DVD in their package that I found for $0.50 yesterday (90% off)!! Also picked up the Monsters Inc plush for $0.69!! Hoping to find one of the Lalaloopsy mini dolls that I heard was also included for my niece’s birthday this weekend! Fingers crossed! Love finding the hidden deals that I only know about through this page!!

  4. I went in my target sign weren’t changed but stuff went 90. I noticed the manager in that area.I ran over to toys and grabbed the seasame street figures,my little phonies,disney princess figures,hello kitty slap bracelets were in valentines and scanned them they are now back up to full price any thoughts on that? Those of you that got the low price you all are lucky.I think Target did something so the toys won’t go 90. I was in target yesterday and I know stuff was 70 then. I went back this mourning and Vd stuff was scanning 90. I did get a cake pop pan that wasn’t there yesterday and a heart shaped pan at 90 off.

  5. I found the mens boxers from $8.99 down to .89 they had many to choose from. Also socks for .50 cents and the chips that are regular price of 6.99 down to .69 I only found 1 bag of chips but a lot of hidden treasures. Good luck to everyone looking for. Things ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I shopped at the Boynton Beach, FL Target and saw the same thing as Geneva, the sesame street, stuffed Disney, and a couple other toys in the Valentines section were ringing up full price. Bummer! I did get some various Valentines items for 90% off.

  7. The toys at my Target were at full price as well. I tried checking a Disney plush item (in the toy section) that clearly had a heart Valentine tag with “To:” and “From:” on it–still full price. I did get a couple of cute Valentine pillows and a frame for 90%, though.

  8. I went this morning to one of the Lincoln, NE Targets, and got the Sesame Street for 90% off, as well as the Disney plush. Although not all of the were on sale. I took about 7 of them to the scanner and only three were 90% off. The rest were full price.

  9. I found all kinds of things today, all 90% off. Sulley, Mike, Boo, Boo in costume, Nemo, Squirt, Pearl, & all Hero plushes- spiderman, iron man, hulk, wolverine….lalaloopsies, my little ponies, hello kitty sets, nail art, legos…frames, baking pans, pillows, mens boxers, toddler clothing, fluffy socks, dog treats…and lots more! The V-M&Ms, SStreet & small Princess dolls were full price though.

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