Huge Target Markdowns are Coming!!

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Target has too much merchandise in some categories like home, kitchen appliances and patio furniture, they will have some drastic markdowns to clear it out. They need to clear out these items quickly so they can make room for items like beauty, grocery and the upcoming school supplies.  We will be the ones that benefit from the overstocks of merchandise with some amazing markdowns. I highly recommend following me on Instagram because I can share in real-time all the sales that I see at Target.

We have already seen some of these sales in effect right now, they previously had 40% off all patio and grilling items and the following sales are still going strong:

50% off storage baskets & bins

50% off Cubes Organizers & Bins

This means over the next couple of months we are going to see some amazing clearance sales!! Here are some of my thoughts on what we will see.

Patio – I think we will see even deeper discounts on patio, my store has tons of fire pits left! I had someone tell me that there store was taking 70% off the 50% off markdown price on their patio furniture. Don’t get too excited!! This is a very rare sighting, but great sales like this can happen if Target gets desperate to move merchandise. I actually stumbled on a sale like this one years ago when my store wanted to move merchandise so they could remodel.

Toys – We usually see a toy clearance in July, I’m thinking we will see some decent deals this year, the toy clearance has been lacking the past few year.

Summer – The last 2 years summer stuff was gone before summer even started. This year there seems to be an excessive amount of inventory, I am thinking we should see some clearance sales start soon. I don’t doubt there will be a decent amount of merchandise making it to 70% off. This is one of the sections they need to clear out for back to school supplies & upcoming holiday merchandise.

Home – We will continue to see markdowns on all different kinds of home items from storage, decor, and more.  My store still has pallets full of the storage cubes. 

Of course, we are going to keep you updated on all these sales that will be happening over the next few months. You know I love a good deal! Keep an eye out for reports on the blog and our weekly clearance updates. I’m sure we’ll have tons of news to share.

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