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  1. I’m a RED card holder but have never used it for early access. If the launch for everyone is a week after the early access launch. How do REDcard holders access the merchandise to buy it early? Do we need to be signed into Target? Or will Target let you add things to your cart and only purchase if you put in your REDcard info tomorrow?

    1. Hi Jessica, it looks like only five or six products are available to us RedCard holders right now, rather than the whole line. This is the first time Target has allowed card holders to shop early, and I’m guessing once all the people who signed up for the card hoping to get early access realize they don’t have access to the tall rain boots everyone wants they’re not going to be happy. Nice going Target.

      1. I’m a redcard holder and just tried to pre order one of the items that gave early access and conveniently all of the items were not available for shipping or pick up. The whole pre order is a joke. It’s so deceiving. I expected more from target.

  2. I was wondering the same thing because I am a REDcard holder and nothing is available to me yet… how do I shop early access??

  3. Does anyone know what TIME the product launches online on the 14th? I have know problem staying up if it’s a little after midnight, my problem is just waking up early lol TIA

  4. Sadly, we have no way of knowing the exact time. Target is never consistent with the times they release their collaborations. If I hear something different, I’ll be sure to post.

    1. I’m looking for time also. My attempt at getting red card early access at midnight on the 7th was unsuccessful. Even by 12:30am nothing had been released yet. By the time I looked the next morning it was all sold out.

  5. The red card exclusives have been available periodically every day starting on the 7th. They have ingeniously stopped sales at certain points to guarantee product daily for the rest of us that dont stay up til midnight to click and buy. Just keep checking throughout the day. I’ve been able to purchase every item i deemed NECESSARY so far with patience!

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