Target: Hidden Valentine Clearance Toy Deals

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I noticed a few items in the toy section that were previously in the Valentine section, so I scanned them and sure enough they are ringing up at 70% off. Here are a couple of items you may want to check for at your store.

Sesame Street 2-pack of characters say they are on price cut for $4.99.

When I scanned them, they rang up at 70% off the original price, so only $1.79.

These Disney Princesses were back in the toy section in the $5 section on the Disney aisle.

These also scanned at 70% off original price, so only $1.49.

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  1. I picked up both of these yesterday, great for Easter baskets! For the princesses, you can also check for them at the check out stands where they keep the gum/candy if you dont see them down the toy aisle.

  2. Got the last two Sesame Street toys at my store, wish I had found the princesses. Great for gift closet or Easter baskets.

  3. My Store went 90% off (in MA), but these toys are still ringing up at 70% off, so anyone who was waiting for them to go 90%, you may just want to grab them now!

  4. Thx for the tip! Birthday season is coming up for us, so picked up the last 6 of the Sesame Street characters at the Eastlake (CA) store for .59 each today!

  5. In Tucson (Grant) picked up a TON of MLP for $.50 and sesame street characters for $.59. The Disney princesses weren’t ringing up on sale.

  6. Thanks so much for the info. I went to several Targets and purchased the 2 pk sesame street toys. I only paid .59 for the pack.. It was a hidden Treasure. I am having a Sesame Street party next month and these are great goody bag treats. Note: Only 2 out of 5 stores (Austin, TX) had this sale, it’s a hit/miss.. but I found enough. Thanks again.

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